Happiness comes from within

The following is taken from an automatic writing session for a specific person, conducted on 1/26/11.

How can X achieve happiness in her life on this plane?

She should understand that happiness comes from within. Not through unattainable results measured by looking at others in different situations not like her own. She is seen as only herself, not as compared to others. She has the ability to repair it. Go forth from this type of thought and achieve something greater. There is more for yourself. You are stopping, preventing yourself from finding happiness and your true destiny. Make it unfold by your actions. Take time for yourself. Find happiness where you are. Like those near you, you have your own prosperity. Go out into the world.


What should X focus on first?

Herself. The ability to deal with one’s self completely and thoroughly is important. Let no other tell you what you need to do or how to act or keep control. Keep hold. Keep firm grasp. Stop, think, you are in control, not your emotions. Emotions are receptors, ways of gathering information, but some are manmade and not useful or necessary. Don’t be controlled by them. Keep inside what you do’t want others to now, but it also won’t hurt you. Only you can hurt yourself. You are special. You are brave, you must experience it. Change your pattern. I am not afraid for you, you are afraid of nothing.


What is the name of the entity that brings this information forth for X?



Is there any other information that X needs at this time?

Go about your business as if you were your own person. Don’t be controlled but what seems to be physical entrapments of the earth plane. Be yourself. You are brave. Experience, give, and receive love. Happiness will come. Shake off the old. Be brave.

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