Healing and Reiki

The following comes from automatic writing conducted on 1/26/11.

How can I strengthen and improve my ability to heal and help heal others?

Learn hand placements. Learn to hold them longer and where to place them. You can feel their energy and where problems are, focus on this and develop confidence. You can do this now if you pay attention. Also look at angels, call to them when healing. Ask for anyone, they will come. Do not draw out anything or energy fro others, only give or put in. Ask them, patient, what is wrong but do not focus on it entirely, you know this. You are capable and able.


Where does healing come from?

Healing comes from you and it comes from the source. There is no other where it comes from. It is brought through you to the earth. Your touch makes easier than our direct contact. Your energy and our energy combined. You are good. Comes from positive energy on earth, from earth. You know.


Is hand-on healing more effective than distance healing?

Sometimes, though healing is healing and it is able to travel where it is needed. You are the antenna, the tower that receives it and disperses it on the earth. Where you director it or to who is the only difference. Method of hands on or distance matters none. There is no more to say about that.


What happens during a Reiki attunement?

Energy is brought from this side to yours but it is energy that can be found if a person looks within.


Is it necessary that a person receive a Reiki attunement before they can heal?

It is not necessary, you healed before you had an attunement. It is just a help. Just as one can heal without sitting like you and mike. It can strengthen and help, we provideĀ  but we provide all at anytime.


Does a person heal on their own with their own energy or does it only come from spirit?

It comes from both, our energy combined creates a great process. Just as attunement improves, combining, not healing alone improves, but all come from the source. You did not invent it.


Does a Reiki attunement help a person heal more effectively?

Yes, but only if their intent is so, their desire is more important. They can do anything with some convincing. Papers are not necessary, perhaps a little nudge and instruction are. Anyone can heal and you know this, you can help them. Go help them. I think he gets it.

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