Sensations during development

Taken from an automatic writing session on 1/28/11.

What happens when X and I sit for development? What are the sensations we experience? What is taking place?

There are many areas of the body that of spiritual and energetic centers in them. It is necessary to adjust these for their intended purpose since they are not always tended to properly throughout one’s life. We are opening these centers, often, and allowing you to experience what mankind is naturally able to do but forgets or ignores. We help you through this process. Energy in, energy out. chemicals in, chemicals out. Order and maintenance. We poke and prod but most things the body is experienced in but again are often ignored and thus creates the odd sensations you experience. We rework energy, provide you with energy. Apportion things for you. We help you and are here for you. Your combined sitting is much more powerful than alone because all spirits come for the good of everyone involved. If available we bring forth masters.


What is the sensation that X experiences around his nose?

Just as with other items we bring there are those that can be inhaled. This is that process and may focus on sinus areas and energy centers there.  Light touch, later sensations. Delayed reactions. Gasses.


What is the tingling feeling we feel in our ears?

There may be some areas that are attributed to psychic phenomena on your plane but there are glands or ducts in these areas that must also be maintained for your wellbeing. Health, health matters. Deeper areas of the brain are also accessed this way. We attempt to be non-invasive. Only so many methods and so much that con be done to bring adjustments from one plane to the next. You are at peace with this answer are you not?


Why do I feel the pressure in the center of my head?

You are more sensitive to energy than you might think. As you read, this is also a center for energy and activity. Energy builds here and is distributed throughout the body. You are not broken, nothing wrong. Natural process. Pressure in forhead is natural, we are here. Also sensations can be experienced when we are near you because of our different energy cycles and frequencies.  You are prepared for this.


What is the name of the entity that brings this information forth tonight?


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