A reading with specific questions about health. Children are mentioned.

An automatic writing session that was conducted on 2/1/11.

Will X’s brainstem growth adversely impact his life from this point forward?

This will not be an issue for X. It was something he needed to experience for his own personal growth and understanding. Many spirits were watching over him. His experience carried many lessons and truths for him that he still carries. An understanding he now has and regard for others can be attributed to this experience. It will not be a problem now. He should not worry. He is only going to experience what he needs to when the time is right for him.

What should X be aware of concerning the brainstem growth?

It was not his fault, it did not happen because he did something wrong or was being punished. It was for his spiritual, permanent self, not his human form. His form only expeirneced it here. He is more than his tumor worries. Focusing on it brings him back to that situation when he should be moving forward, higher and higher, away from it. Move beyond. Do not focus on the past. Learn from it, will see it at a later time. For him to understand what happened he would need additional information that cannot be shared at this time. You need to understand that too. Not everything can come forth at this time or in any life. We cannot interfere too much.

What can X do to repair this area in his head?

Work on spiritual growth and mental growth. Positive thinking has much to offer. Simply thinking positive is not enough, must be sincere and often carry action and truth. Is not something to worry about for him now. keep happy. Keep going. Wasting time on this now. Look ahead to brighter things. He can claim much.

What can X do to improve his physical health?

Running and walking will help X. Must maintain a regular sleeping pattern. You are all in same situation, you do not sleep with the sun, you must regulate your body to some sort of regular pattern to offset problems of being away from sun. Don’t let your job dictate your free time. Let your freetime dictate your job and your overtime. Keep consistency. Fresh air, sunlight, positive thought.

Why does X drink so much water?

He has an imbalance in his brain that causes irregularities with his fluids. System can be restored through diet and exercise. Do not rely on pills. Pills not good. Pills not good. Pills not good. Bad things come from pills that are not from plants. There aren’t many other things that can be done. Potassium. Bring his life into full control and obey his heart. Truth comes first, then understanding. Many Americans do not believe this and must see results first. Follow, then see. All will be ok. Have faith in correct things that have lasting results and bring you happiness. Father’s are meant to be tested.  Bring forth the good in life and all will be shared.
Are there any foods that X should avoid?

Spicy foods. Foods that are too spicy and not necessary for their production. Not bland food but not extremes. X can benefit from this by relaxing his system and not shocking it. Positive inside is positive outside. Eat what is right and true. Know your diet, know what you’re consuming. Don’t take eating for granted. Plan, prepare, complete. There are some things that should be avoided and you know what they are. Be less sedentary. No sitting. Relax if sitting, no sitting without a purpose. Walking does wonders for circulation, also bring experiences by exploring by walking. X’s health is not something he needs to worry about through his old age if he makes minor adjustments now. You would call these common sense. He can ask for help and guidance, we will give it. Vitamins are well if produced from healthy accurate source, no cheap commodities. Health now, everything else will come. Patience and understanding is needed when dealing with some situations. He should have patience. His boys are well. They will develop.

What will they develop?

They will develop the ability to see into the future, to see into one’s heart, to address others, to help. Need direction, need guidance. They are worried and don’t yet understand. X needs to help them. Parents are not worried. Will come to understand. They will shift too, just as the rest and so the world. They feel lost, help them.

What can X do to help his sons?

Speak to them about what he knows and how to protect or ground themselves. All meditating together will strengthen their bond, healthy influence. Will balance their energies. He can call it something different at first if it will help. Meditating is just like prayer. No need to focus on what you call it, all the same. All is positive. No differences. He will bring peace to them. He can do this. He may feel up against a wall but he can break free with perseverance. Strength X, strength! All will be good.

Is there any information that you can share about X2?

She is not to be messed with. No messing about. There are many things that you do not understand and many that she does not understand. Outside influence. Negative things. She may overcome, unsure, lost. Fearful of being alone, needs attention from another lifetime. Bring hope and fears to light. All will be ok. X2 is not carrying a child. Any children are not for X to worry. X has his sons. X will produce proud sons, amazing, truly amazing. Others are not for his worry or concern. Happens will happen. Breathe X, you are alive, all part of human experience. You will learn for next time.

Is there any other information that X should be aware of at this time?

He is to do good in this lifetime. Do not stress unnecessarily about work, X3. There is freedom in the works, a great release, but some things must be endured as part of your lifetime and growth. You all have met for a reason. You have all met for a reason. Bring yourselves together and forward you shall go. You were all holding keys for one another to unlock certain potentials. Focus and understanding, focus on what truly matters. No fast spending, think. Think. Think.  Hands on around the barrier. Bring yourself f to it. He will see this in the future. He must remember.

Who brings this information forward at this time?

Constantine, a group of spirits you call Elophyny and many others working on both sides.

Both sides of what?

For you and for X.

Can you tell me the name of a guide that X should call on if he needs guidance?

Elophyny, many can call on this. He can call Jarrod, his protector. (the name might not be entirely accurate, I kept hearing/seeing a name and all I could make out was a ‘j’ or a ‘j’ sound. Then I saw the printed name ‘Jarrod’ like it was typed in a book)

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