Changes must be made

From 2/3/11. I asked questions about more than one person but each one is one of my relatives.

What information can you bring forth for X at this time?

There is nothing X can’t do. She is at a point to make a decision about herself for herself and she’s the only one who can make it. She is not needed to the same degree as she was, she should focus on herself and her development. Improve you as an overall goal, she is not aware of how great you are. There are no reasons to feel ashamed or upset, there are no failures, only different experiences on the human plane. Please be patient. We carry you forward and are with you always. There is nothing that she cannot do and there is nothing she has done that was less than amazing. I don’t know how to tell you this but she is an amazing soul. She has accomplished much and can do many more things if she chooses. Don’t dwell on the past, it is beyond your control in the physical human experience, move on to new things and experience all that life has to offer. There is no reason to regret anything at any point in your human existence. You brought forth much great wisdom and knowledge and inspired X2s. All that is needed is a seed of information and that seed brings for tremendous power and potential later in life. This is what has been done. Shelter was provided when it was needed, this was a necessary step for you and they are grateful. No need to worry about anyone else any longer. You are on your way. Your journey is never ending but there is no need to punish yourself about any of it. Be happy, be joyful. You are what you came to this life to be. You have not fallen short of anything. You have much to be proud of.

What can you tell me about X3 and her situation in (a U.S. state)?

She is not happy but will not tell you that. You are to go to her, she will not bring information to you, too much of a game for her and she must maintain power and control. This is not an experiment for you like it is for her. She needs to be aware of our plane and how we are here for her. She is not alone, the world is not against her. She has done many things and most of them outrageous but there is still a chance to change and improve. Focus on raising self up to higher level. Physically amd mentally. No reason for failure, no reason to see past as failure, go and experience life. All is common in your family, it is your responsibility to express and grow.

Is she safe in (a U.S. state)?

She is safe in Georgia, she is reminded of her (or possibly ‘a’ instead of ‘her’) childhood in Georgia and that is why she stays there. There is nothing to fear, she is motherly. Nothing negative will come from this. Her health is in order.

What is not an experiment for her but is for me?

This life, we are all here to learn and grow but she is taking it too serious. Clinging to things that will be gone and forgotten when her soul crosses out of your human existence. There is no reason to take it so serious when you are only there to learn and grow and experience, it is not your only lifetime. She should break free from the bonds she is crating herself into, no need for this. She knows the answers, she has the experience, she must do this now or she will repeat this in the future times. She must lighten up. Must go forward. Make progress. Must move on. Out of rut, growth is necessary, change is necessary. Change views.

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