From 2/3/11. I was told that Constantine is one of my guides. His name has been brought up by others during readings or it has been heard and felt during reiki sessions. So, Constantine is the one I choose to focus on and call for automatic writing, healing, and just about anything else.

Constantine, what is your responsibility to the lifetime that I am currently experiencing?

I am your protector, I am your guarding. I am that which prevents you from experiencing that which is not for you at the given time. I am stopping the negative beings. I am shielding you when you ask for it. I am a way for you to call and ask for assistance from others.

Do you help me give healing energy to others?

Yes, when you are relaying the energy I am at your side as an assistant and as a protector. I am not alone in this function. You have many like me and no reason to ever fear.

Will I have the ability to see you on this plane?

You have the ability now but there are many things that frighten you when seeing them and we must cater to your senses. You must not have fear, you must not be afraid. No harm will come to you. I am not here to harm you, nor will it happen by any other means.

Do we have a friendship on your plane?

We have had many friendships through many lifetimes and we have been on the outskirts of time as travelers. We are many experiences lived together and around one another. We are friends and confidants. We are no longer inseparable because of our paths. You are my guarding as I am yours.

Please tell me about the horse ‘Wind’ (I was told that wind was my horse from a previous life and that Wind refused to leave my side and still follows me in this lifetime).

He was another protector in a lifetime before this one. It is important to know that he protected you in physical life and now this one. He is aware of your sense of him, he will not leave you, he protects you now.

Animals can serve as guardians and guides?

He is not your guide per se, but a protector, a gatekeeper, yes, animals can have other responsibilities other than to live on your plane and teach your souls the meaning of love, life, and tenderness. There is no reason to doubt this. He is with you often and is there when called. In instances where you are worried or trouble seems eminent he is there to provide protection.

I am always doubtful of my spirit communication, can I remove this doubt and remove my apprehension and fears?

You must do that for yourself, there are those on your lifetime’s path that can show you the way and provide you with evidence, you will meet those and you know those now. You must reach a point where your confidence and experience is all that you need. You must remember this. All you need is you. Others play roles in lifetime but you are the one that stands for you. You are not alone, you have help. Solitary you are not.

Are there important messages that I can relay to others using this method of communication?

There are, but some of them will not be ready to hear it. You should relate them as you feel necessary; the seed can be planted as you say.

How can I improve this method of communication with you?

There is no need to improve, simply do. You are working on your path now and more will come. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Use this as a tool for communication but do not rely solely on it. We are able to do much more with you. But do not abandon. You are able.  Confidence is all you need. You will receive it in short time.

Is it possible for you to give me a small piece of information and then check it to know that I am speaking with you?

There are no facts which cannot be learned with spirit communication. Your ability will be present no matter the way in which it is proven to you. There is no need for a test or other proving means other than the ego needs confirmation. You need to stay away from the material that gives you negative impressions of what you’re doing. These do not serve your highest good and there will always be those that do not agree. They are not on your path and will not understand. You take the truth as you see it, not as someone else describes it to you.
Truth will come, you know this. X (a person from which I have had readings in the past) will tell you.



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