Diet, Reiki, a “haunted” building

From 2/4/11

What should X know to maintain and improve her health?

X needs a well-balanced diet full of nutrients. Not calories for calories sake. There must be an improvement if she wishes to continue in this life. There should be no addition of calories after midnight on your time. There is no reason for this. Perhaps boredom and it is unnecessary. Walking will help any spirit on your plane and this is helpful for her also. Unnecessary snacking is not helpful. There is a reason for eating, to survive, the body needs to function, no eating for entertainment. Order, there must be order. More fruit more vegetable, more water. Less meat. There must be an improvement. Her health depends on her vitality and wantingness to continue. Her breathing is affected by her diet. There is no reason for additional starches, food without chemicals is best, focus on these. There is no reason to starve yourself. Eat sensible. There are many things to be done and marked improvement in health is necessary. Time is coming. Change now, no laziness. Sedentary she should not be.

Is there a difference between healing attunements and just sending healing?

There is no difference other than you are using the symbols to which you were attuned and this brings forth energy associated with these symbols. The energy is not so much recognized without the symbols they are associated. Must use the symbols and our healing will work wonders and more effective. You must use them each time, there is no reason to doubt their effectiveness. We bring for th the power, this is what you feel. There is no blockage in your head, only energy coming through you for the recipient of your energy. There are many great things yhyou can do with this energy and you are doing them. Continue, don’t stop, don’t hesitate, even a small amount does wonders for the recipient. You must control your ego, temper, your ability to heal is affected by these. Must create peace as you have said. This is important. Raising vibration to another stage is eminent. Must bring focus.

In (a specific) building, is there a spirit in there making the noises people have mentioned?

There is no spirit to speak of. The noises are caused by natural phenomenon and not something that you should mess with. There are only certain things that you can deal with at this time and they are out of your realm at this time. This is not a place that you should go. Avoid if necessary. You are not alone when you enter there but there is only so much that can be done. Protect yourself. You will have strength to deal with this later.

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