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Conducted 2/2/11

What should X know about going to see a neurologist?

X (mentioned by first and last name) needs to realize that there isn’t much standing in his way. He can go to the doctor but we know he won’t agree with much they have to offer him or have to say. There is much more he can do himself than what they provide. A pill is what they will offer you. Exercise, is what you need to do. You may go but it will provide you confirmation of what you already know. A doctor cannot peer inside your body in the way that you want them to. They do not consider anything that does not come from their education, learning, knowledge, or textbook. Please be patient with them. All you need is love. Patience. What comes afterwards will be before you. There I so much to be gained, not much to be lost. Calm. Patience. He will come for you.

Who will come?

The creator.

He will come for X?

Yes. He comes at all times. There is no time when he is alone or away from us. He should not be worried. Use the knowledge that he already has.  Bring forth the spirit and all will be well. Contain message within, now release it. There will be much to do when he gets to Florida. Not much time for dawdling. Action, action, action! He will meet many people, not all for highest good. Many will be on same path, many will share information, join together in peace and awareness of energy that is coming. Bringing forth more in progress and development. He is all things he needs to be.

What should X do to keep every level of his being healthy at this time?

He needs to do more than just walk, walking is great for emotions but does nothing for mind. Exercise it (mind) too. There is much work to be done, he should not make excuses for lacking physical effort. He is a strong man when he wants to be. Ask us, we will provide. Stop doubting, just do. So many are limited because of the thoughts they have of themselves. When you put your mind to it, the work will be done, it will come. There are more things to be done and many people are able to accomplish many things if they prevent themselves from becoming sidetracked with meaningless endeavors. Possible is everything. Stop at nothing. Must convey message. Health is second to none. X (mentioned by first and last name) go forth and do it! There is nothing he can’t do!

Who brings this information forward?

Constantine, El…., P…. (fragments of words I saw and felt compelled to type)

(I don’t know if I don’t get names or what if they aren’t for me. The last two names I only saw those letters. I heard Priscilla right at the end but I don’t know if that was my own mind filling in the blanks)

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