Don’t waste time

From 1/31/11

Is there any information I can give to X to help him along his path in this lifetime?

X is a lonely sole who is constantly trying to cover up this fact with empty gestures or activities. He needs to bring joy to himself, passion, but through worthwhile activities and endeavors. He can be a spiritual person and help many, but only if he gives up certain habits, you are thinking of one.


How can I explain this to him?

Being honest may do the trick but it may take time to sink in as you discussed, change is not easy, but a person must want to change. Only after he sees what is possible will he change. You cannot make that for him, you can only want that for him.


What should he busy his time with?

His personal development if you can convince him of that. His extracurriculars are not helpful. He needs to slow down, reap what he sows later. Begin things that have lasting and worthwhile impact in self and others. Think of others. Think of self in future, make decisions this way.  Begin tomorrow at best with ones’ self. Greatness lies within if you can wake it up. Spirits are watching.

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