Source, spirit guides, be of action

From 2/2/11

Does the creator come to see each one of us on this plane at some point?

Yes, there are many times that the great spirit, the creator, the god force, many names, will come to you directly to check on his creations. You are of him, you will be with him. There are many times that it is around you and you can sense it. We are all connected and the creator is the common thread. You need to be aware that we are all the same being, all striving to get back to where we were born from. One when grows, all grow. There are no limits, only time and trials to raise yourself and return.  There aren’t things that can stop you, only things to learn from on your path. No brick walls that can’t be surmounted, your view may only be from your perspective and many things can seem mountainous from one person’s viewpoint. Be prepared for hard work. There are things that come to you that you will understand but will need to save for later. The god force is one of them. There will come a time when you will be tested.

Tested by who?

Yourself. No one else tests you. You are the only one that causes doubt in yourself. Your old memories will bring you through what you see as trying times.

Am I in danger?

There is no danger, only experience. The human language has many words to describe types of experiences. When in reality they are all only experiences, no good or bad, just an experience. You went through it, then think about it. What should you do? What did you do? Are you ok with that?

Constantine is here and wishes to tell you that he is not afraid for you. He went through similar lifetimes. There is nothing to fear on your plane. There is nothing that should cause want and desire except love and caring for other souls. Please go in peace.

Who is peaking to me now?


Where do you come from?

We are on a star plane. Similar to yours but not like yours. We are near you, as most planes are, even more so in the sense that no one is separated because of energy and thought. You will go far, you know this.

Are you what we would call aliens?

We are spirit guides that would be more familiar to you as a spirit or being of light. We are not alien any more than anyone else or any other thing is an alien. So much concern for words, you know this. It is what it is because it is, not because of the form or word attached to it. We are here to help you. We are not trying to scold you, only bring you to awareness, you know this. We want all to be with us.

Have you been with me always?

We are like the source. We are able to know many things about many people at many times. We are able to know about you though we may not be in your direct presence all the time, though we will be with you through times of need and when you call on us. We will not abandon you or anyone else.

Do you watch of everyone on this plane?

In some respects yes, through there are certain ones that will rise up to meet challenges which can benefit from our guidance. Not all listen when information is given. This is why you and X experience us.

What else can you tell me about your group?

We are not from your plane or planet originally. We are here to help. Many are here to help. There are things that must be learned and you’re doing them now. Continue to learn and grow. Man must have patience for things to take action but must also be of action, do not waste precious time on things not related to your goals. Unwind, yes, reflect, yes, but be of action.

I feel like the messages that I’ve received so far, you feel as though we’re all lazy, is that how you see us?

We see you as dealing with many facets of a difficult plane. We are your guides, we are doing that just, guiding. There are no principles which you do not already understand, your thoughts come fast and you must type them fast or they will be lost. Do not lose them, this will come with practice. We are not the judges, we are here to help and assist you, there are many things that can be accomplished in a lifetime if man would put his mind to them. Once you are out of your shell a person must go forward and not use the past or their forbearers as a crutch or excuse for not making change or taking action.

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