Sweating and no sitting!

From 2/1/11

What about my health causes me to sweat more than others do?

You have a glandular problem that is worsened by your weight. You need to take exercise into consideration as one of your daily activities. You can acclimate yourself to different temperatures but yours will always be an excessive problem if you don’t get weight down and under control. Bring yourself to a point of understanding that this is what you must do for safety and survival.

What gland causes this problem?

In your neck.

Are there vitamins that will help this problem?

…hkium (I could not completely understand what this was supposed to be. It was if I was being shown a word but only saw part of it), running will do the most. No sitting around except when sickness is in the body. You must be active. You can have a long life, you have the tools, knowledge, resources, get off your duff.

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