Where to focus, drop the drama

From 2/6/11

Do you have any messages for X?

There are no tinings (I think this was supposed to be ‘things’) that interest her about this plane. We are here for her should she unturn her back to us and retreat from the physical possessions that are holding her attention. There may be a time when this person returns from their wandering path but it may not be for some time. Helping her may be futile because she is correct in her ways through her eyes, not the eyes of others. Others’ eyes seem too judgmental and therefore disregarded by her no matter the information they contain. She should focus on others and the lasting impression she can make in this life and to better herself for the next one. There is much that can be done, much room for improvement. There is no reason to stand alone or become a tragic depression of ones’ self should anything dire occur. This experience you are all having is temporary, we are all connected but not connected in the same sense and impression as that which humankind has created as a sense of ‘correctness’ about the formation of their bonds. You are responsible for you. X2 has said this and many others have said this. Pain may come in many forms but it is up to the individual to interpret the action preceding or following them and do learn from them as their stage of development sees fit.

There is much work to be done, focus on lasting endeavors. Be seen in the eyes of god as you wish others less fortunate to be seen. There is no pedestal for one to stand on for we are all equal no matter your plane of existence or your possessions in your human experience. What you carry between planes shall hold the key to development and correspondence to new areas of experience. There is nothing that she cannot already do if she would focus her attention elsewhere. As with healing, small amounts daily are acceptable rather than forcing the body to sit for one extended period of time. Start now, start small, focus on the inside, beauty is achieved by focusing on the inside, beauty will be seen from inside to the outer reaches of a spirit, not by what it is dressed in or covered over with, these are only temporary as there is no form like your needed beyond your lifetime. Energy and thought provide what we need, there is no need even on your plane for money, energy out means energy back to you, good energy produces good results. Cover and surround with positive and whole thoughts for self and others. Work on distancing self from things that are irrelevant to other lifetimes and proactive thought and action is the key. You must move forward. We have many lifetimes and you and X have discussed the point of time when there is no time. Why wait to experience the creator? Why spend countless eras of time covering the same principles when greatness can be achieved now? Greatness through helping others along the path, greatness achieved by going along the great journey. There is nothing to be lost by coming to the truth, only everything to be gained. She did not want this lifetime but came to it because she was convinced by groups around her. She came to this life prepared to do all that she needed to do and she has accomplished little of it thus far but there is still great time for great action to bring the world to peace by many souls. You are never too late to start no matter how far down a wooded dark path you might be. You need to bring yourself to the light and experience it. We are here to help. So many seem lost though we are always here. Too much entertainment and devices produce the need for instant results, occasionally our results are instant too but not in the way that many expect them. Your healing might not see immediate impact in the way desired, but there is always working being done. Work is being done by thought, work is being done by energy, everything, thought, action, work, idea, breath, is energy. Mind the words and motives behind all of these, when they go out from you they are contributing to the wholeness of their worldly motivation. If your message contains hate it spreads hate into the world, not just to the person to who it was directed, but it contributes energy to the entire world, into the earth, in that same manner. Be positive, you have much to be positive about, there is nothing your life that you cannot change and nothing that will not be provided that you need for your life’s work. Come back to the experience, you are not far from us. There is much to be done. Forward and live in peace. Thank you for bringing this message across and out. Many can benefit.

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