Events in 2011, grounding, energy, and development

From 2/26/11

What major events will the world see in 2011?

There will be many shifts in thinking but more importantly many changes which will come about by force. As the leaders begin to lose their power they will go down fighting. There will be much destruction by nature and by man’s own hand. This will not impact you and your life’s view will be unchanged but many will come into line with these thoughts by this devastation and acts of violence. Peace is something that requires change and elimination in order to be brought about. Change is never easy no matter how big or how small. Peace in your area of experience is necessary, there is good everywhere, help those around you see this and focus on what has lasting impact. There is no reason to fear lack of electricity. This will come to you in this lifetime. This is something you welcome. You are not afraid. This will be something many will experienced this year by destruction that is already planned or taking place. There is a reason for white vans, these are to rescue people and bring them into camps. These are not to be feared but will be an attempt for the government to control and provide what seems to be help, when there is no real help available at all. There is no reason to go willingly, there will be a time for you to go but at first it is not necessary. There will be peace and tranquility where you are. There is no reason to fear. We will not let harm come to you by the actions of others in your area. You will go forward with your message. Others will see this and follow you. Some close to you may not see this and will leave you. You must be strong during perceived devastation, there is only change, not a loss or gain, only change. There is no reason to worry, all should be happy daily. If all change their perceptions and focus on meaningful endeavors all will see the true meaning of these actions and will help their neighbor. There should be no fear from this. Be patient as buildings will fall. Focus on what matters, food should be an objective.

Is running or walking related to spiritual or psychic development and grounding?

This is necessary for you. There is a grounding that comes from it. There is energy gained and lost by this process and many will experience the joy from running or walking even if they do not perceive the entire change taking place on more subtle levels which they do not yet acknowledge. If those who were developing were to run or walk everyday there would be no reason to use other activities to ground themselves or seek out ways to distract their mind through drugs or alcohol as mike has described to you. There is no reason to worry about exercise if a regular fitness routine included only walking or running. Much is done for physical and energy body in these actions and there is much that is done only with these actions. Energy is shook from the body and a calm is perceived as well as physical blood and energy circulation. It enlivens the body and awakens areas that may be dark or missing energy. These are positive things that are achieved by physical activity. There is no benefit lost by their action, this should be undertaken as a spiritual foundation for those who also which to meditate or develop spirit communication. It will help them deal with higher vibrations as we contact them and connect with them. There is much benefit in this action by those who wish to work with energy.

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