Fire and ice

From 2/15/11. Some questions I had before I started, others I asked as I went back and read what I had been given so far. While some of this is irrelevant to anyone but me I included it because it is worth noting that I went to the ice class mentioned below, and it was not worth my time. After the class I also lost sleep, became ill, and lost time that I could have spent on automatic writing and healing. I’ve also lost time off from my job that I could have used for some better purpose in the future.

What information can you provide me today that may help me or help others that I will encounter?

You are soft. You need to be stronger. There is much that needs to be done to prepare you for other endeavors. You need to become physically strong. This will help your working night shift and sleeping when the sun is up. There are other things to be said at this time about your health. Eat differently, eat less fatty foods, eat healthy, you know how to do this. This is important to your body and the work that it needs to go through with you. You are here to do much more than you are currently. There is going to come a time when you are not working this job and there will be a vastly different experience for you compared to what you are used to recently. There are endeavors beyond your comprehension that you will be called to do. Physical strength and health are important to these. You are not alone in the world, there are others like you. You will meet them soon. There will be a time when you need to work on your own without the help of others. You will be working away from others in isolated areas. You will be strong and you will be fast. There is much to be done to progress towards this goal. It will be harder for you if you are not prepared. Running is what you should be doing to prepare for this. Your fitness goals should be your top priority, we will not leave you f there is a break. You must focus and dedicate yourself. Astrology is the answer to many things. There is information in the stars and their energy that you do not yet know. There will be a time for this. Planets and celestial bodies have major impacts on the bodies of humans just as it is known that the moon affects the bodies of water. You are water but there is other energy that is affected by these. You will see in your time. There is not much time to waste. Set to making progress on these things now.

How can I understand these things now?

Your work will bring you to it. To a better understanding, away from the physical. You have time for these studies now. Look at rainbow collage. There is energy in this too.

Does this job that I am preparing for have a title?

This job does not have a title. There will come a time when work is done because it is done and needed to be done, not because someone employs you to work in that position. You will be in a position to help others and yourself. This is tedious and hard work but you can perform it well and comfortably. There is a time when you are alone.

What should I know about becoming a full-time, paid, firefighter?

This is not for you. You will experience this time and other similar jobs but this is not your overall plan. There is much to be learned and this is only part of the solution. You will move away from this experience and into other arenas at a certain time. Mental toughness and clarity is what you need.

Is my volunteer firefighter work a waste of time now?

It is not a waste of time for you. It brings you happiness and you are helping others. This is a wonderful thing for you at this time. It is not helping you progress towards your final goal and will be eliminated when the time is correct for you. There is not a need to worry or fear, this will not be traumatic for you. It will come naturally. Fearful is not part of you.

Besides physical fitness is there anything else I should focus on?

Building up your education level through books and readings. There is no need to attend formal studies since most of these are based on manmade jobs. Things that are created for the business world. Your realm of expertise will be beyond this and is available through less structured endeavors. You will find tis when you begin to look for it. There is much wisdom and knowledge to be gained that doesn’t necessarily certify you or earn a degree from a certain institution. The creator is his own institution. You will go much farther with focus and perseverance on fitness and spirit. Heal yourself, others, and the world. This is possible for you. Fearing change is not part of you. The world is only temporary in this lifetime for you. Your permanent home is not here where you are now. Learn what you came to do.

When will I know that I am on the correct path towards this goal?

When you are told that you are moving away from this time. When there is seemingly ajor change and flux. This may seem traumatic and uncertain for others but you will know. It will be comfortable for you. We will communicate with you, there will be trust in knowing and sensing correctness. Fear not.

Should I attend the ice surface rescue awareness class tomorrow in Nineveh?

This class is not for you. It will interfere with your time in healing and fitness. It will bring you joy if you attend but there will be much reward if you do not go. There is no reason to focus on these papers. Overall it will not bring you much other than life experience which you may need. You can earn this through other means.

Should I complete a firefighter level one and two class?

This is expertise that will help you later in life. It is not necessary to worry about finding one. There will be one convenient and located close to you. It is imperative to be patient and wait. This will come to you and is necessary.

Will the ice class help me or others in anyway?

There is always something to be learned on your physical plane, there are techniques that you may not know about in helping others, remember that no matter what others do to help the trauma experienced may be for that person’s highest good. You cannot always intervene and stop when there is a need for an event to be experienced. Thought is energy and can intervene if necessary but more often this is not able to be cut around since it is a plan far greater than instant gratification in saving, saving is not always what they need. You can help them in a special way. This is more important.

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