Insurance and doctors

From 2/15/11.

What should X know about her health insurance?

Threis a reason that she has this coverage. More comes from peace of mind than the worry she will experience by not having a safety blanket. There is not much reason to keep it other than the mental comfort she may receive from it. She should trust that no matter what her body might experience itiis the mind and soul that leave this plane. If there were a problem it could be circumvented or her body taken care of. She will not be without help at any time. She is not wandering aimlessly through a wood on her own. There is no need to worry about things that have not happened that do not directly impact her outcome in this life.There is much to be done and this is not a focus of any of them for her now. Though there will be a change in this later.

Should X keep her Cobra coverage that costs $700 per month?

This necessity is a product of her mind as is her health. There should be more focus on preventative health and maintenance to the body that prevents an ailment rather than purchasing items or papers that take care of health with other detrimental items and pills. There is more that could be done with money to preven health problems with insurance money than in paying a man to help you only in the event of a dire situation. There are better investments for health if you were to focus on them in a direct fashion, health should not be a passive endeavor, it must be a focus but a focus on healing from nature and completing goals and heal focus. Not on a pill to remove a problem that may reoccur. The nature on your world is setup in a specific manner to help those who are unaware of its behavior, those who take the time to understand it can benefit greately and use it to stop suffering of sickness before and after it occurs, but there is much that can be done to prevent it long before onset of any problem. Focus on this, not a safety net which you do not need if right action is in the mind, right thought, correctness of health. Correct food and mind is important.

When she moves to (a U.S. city), should she switch doctors?

There is no reason to worry about any doctor which you might entertain as employing. There is nothing that a doctor is doing to do for you that you are not currently able to do with the proper focus and caliber of mind. You are much stronger at this than you realize and it is time to put it to use. There is energy in all things, healing occurs in the mind and trickles throughout the body from this center. Correct through and mind power can prevent all illness and even heal it once you experience it. It is important to take note of where certain health problems arise and when as this may impact your life directly and serve as methods to cause you to change your path or bring your attention to an area of neglect in your body or mind or way of thinking.

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