Possession, helping others, coming change

From 2/24/11, some questions have been omitted.

What is taking place in the event that people call possession?

A wearing down of one’s own personal defense system. There are many things that can contribute to this. Mostly outside factors that a person brings to themselves by actions and endeavors that are less than admirable. There are things you can do to prevent this. There are many things on your plane which people claim to not understand but all is within their grasp to change or experience. There are many who experience possession by actions of themselves or by actions of others. There are only so may ways to experience it but there are only certain ways to rid one’s self of this experience. Positive thought, action, and energy must be applied and changes made to a person’s path, by their own accord, so that this possession by other forces or by the energy of low energy experiences or objects on your lifetime can be realized. There is much that can be done to tear a person down if they begin down this path and experience things that they believe they cannot handle because their defense system is weakened or down in some manner. Experiencing certain things in life wears one down and can make them more susceptible to outside influence than others and this can be possession. There is not a Hollywood version of this that is accurate. There are many in churches that believe that they can undo this. They can, but their rite is only strong because of their energy associated with it, not necessarily because they are of a certain belief system. There is nothing that can harm a person that you are not already able to stop or prevent. Right action will accompany and attract right energy and similar energy. If you are available and open to negative impressions from outside forces or entities this is what you will experience. There are no demons to cast out, only influence to be broken.

What information can you provide for mankind at this time?

There is a change and a shift coming. You have been reading this. Those who are wanting the freedom of mind and spirit will experience it soon. There is a great unlocking taking place of energy that will allow this to take place. It is important for soul development, there needs to be less focus on that which you cannot bring from lifetime to lifetime. There is a simple saying which has echoed throughout the ages and in many forms, but if you cannot take it with you why is it worth your time? There is no need for excessive personal affects when there is much more that is being neglected spiritually. Items do not bring happiness, happiness in action and thought brings happiness. There is much that can be learned by a life of simplicity, minimalism, and yes, even poverty. Stress can often be experienced by all of these items rather than bring happiness. Entertainment is received by their ownership but many times this is temporary or for the ego. True happiness comes from helping the neighbor, helping the family member, helping someone who, were it not for you, would not have been able to achieve something great, or something simple. The kindest action is not measured in the grandness that it might create, but from the motivation you used to help that person. You are able to create peace, please focus on things with lasting results. Think forwards instead of thinking right now.

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