Something in an apartment, moving, passive vs. aggressive

Various topics from 2/17/11, questions I asked, some have been omitted here.

What is the entity that X experiences in her apartment?

This is not an entity this is a natural occurrence. Something earth based and not generated by spirit. This has a healing affect on her and is of the earth and is for her. This is not something for her to fear or worry about. This is a natural cycle and action of the earth as it was created for your existence. She can ask for this anytime she likes and it will manifest for her and for her healing. The metaphysical aspects of the earth at at the will of the good who can harness their ability. You are not alone in this aspect, help is for her and can be brought by herself if she chooses. There is nothing she cannot do. All is in the mind. Can live to be hundred or more years on your life measurements. You can do this for her. You can do this too. Health is in the mind and what we put into the body. This entity as she calls it will help her move along. There is nothing more for her to do.

What should I know about moving to (section of a U.S. city)?

The (section of a U.S. city) is a terrible place. There is nothing there for you other than fire and this is what you can do from your home now. Much should be done to anchor family. There is no reason to move. Cost and expense are unnecessary and may cause problems later for you. You should focus on your development and your strength as this is what you will need. You are unable to see this at this time but it will be of great importance and a requirement later.

What should I know about being more active in the fire department?

There is enough action on your part for this area at this time. There is no reason to commit more to it because it will not be a permanent aspect of our life. You may help people later on but this will not always be for you. You will find other similar endeavors. This can be a fascinating experience for you. You can improve others by your action and your thoughts and mentality. There is no reason to worry. Study on this for now. Change will come. A major change soon.

What should I know about X and my interactions with her?

There is a lot that could be done to change her personality but this is not something that you can do. She is in her belief system and this is hers to contend with in this lifetime. You may see it as limiting, she may see it as a comfortable set of variables that create her understanding of her environment. There is nothing wrong or negative about this. Come to an understanding with her. There is no reason to create additional negative energy. Create peace. You can absorb her actions unlike others who will lash out in same manner as they perceive her. You can create barrier and change, create change and peace no matter your circumstances.

Sometimes I worry that by creating peace I am not standing up for myself, what should I know about this?

There is an effort to move you into a new realm of thinking and a new environment. There is nothing wrong with creating peace as long as your needs are being met. You have an understanding that will allow you to do this. While others may see your actions as weak you have the knowledge behind them to make them work for you and what you need to accomplish in this world. There is nothing wrong with absorbing and moving the negative energy along. You can allow this person to understand the world better by not reacting to their thoughts or actions. Allowing others to live is important, action just for ego is not necessary. Peace serves the person better no matter where each person is on the sides of an argument.

Can I move to (specific section of a U.S. city) and still continue on the path that I set for this lifetime before I came to it?

There is no undoing the path that you created. It will come to you no matter your changes on this life. They are not entirely circumstantial as events that you need to experience can be found in many places and in many jobs or places that you live. There is no requirement as many chores for you can be independent of your lifestyle or your job for money. There is no reason to have fear, no reason to worry. Continue as you have. Work on things with X.

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