From 3/1/11

What is the condition that doctors call depression?

Depression, likes stress, is an action of the physical mind in an attempt to rid the spirit of an action or set of feelings of which do not agree with that physical or energy of that person. There is often no way perceived for that person to remove the thoughts or energy but this depression or anxiety is the only physical way the body knows how to cope with what actions or thoughts the mind is repeatedly engaging in. These are caused by actions that are against the person’s true and higher self. Change must be made in order for what is depression to move away and the person to move out of it. There is not a pill that will bring this change, this must be physical, emotional, mental change and changes often in beliefs and views that the person holds true on this plane. There is no reason to feel less welcome with others or to yourself because you or we feel you have depression, if you are depressed by past actions this is for you to learn from these actions and move beyond them. If you are unable to cope with past actions it is important to move beyond them and make changes to undo that action from ever taking place for yourself or for another person. Depression should be seen as another motivation for change but many people are comfortable to sit in it because society has the mentality that a pill will fix their life, though their mind is not ultimately affected by that pill or anything but action and true change from within, not just on physical make up of the chemistry of the body.

What causes depression?

The change in one’s thinking that allows them to experience that which is against their higher self. This is a natural occurrence, as many things are, of the manifestations of our mind. This can be changed by a positive outlook on whatever situation or person that has caused us harm or caused us mental anguish. There is no reason to be concerned of not measuring up to others. You experience a depression in this state because it is truly against your purpose on this plane. Whatever the goals may be for this lifetime, your depression can be experienced at any time you directly do not cope with something that is outwardly inappropriate for you and you do nothing, repeatedly, to bring a change to it. Many would experience depression on this plane if there were not changes made when subtler signs were experienced and observed.

How can you stop, change, or heal depression?

Change, change from within. Change that must be made by you. Not by your doctor, not by a therapist, not by friends, not by wishing you had a better job, not by wishing for the moon and the stars. Change must be made. Focusing on what is out of your grasp is not helpful unless it is also for your higher self and worthy of your time. There are realistic and unrealistic goals to have but it must be realized that anything can be achieved, no matter how negative or positive it is, simply by using your mind. Set goals that are truly for your inner being, that which occupies your body and will one day leave. Accomplish something that is in line with all beliefs, not simply poverty versus wealth in money and possessions.

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