natural, alternative, holistic in children and breastfeeding

Doctors, labels, and other information warn that children under certain ages should not use natural or herbal remedies; what can you share about this?

There are many things that should not be used because of certain chemicals and their toxicity in a much smaller human form than that of an adult. There are many things that can be used and their flowers are especially useful. Dandelion is useful and can be used in children. There is not much for common cold or flu that can be used.

Can I use natural or herbal remedies for my daughter?

There are some that can be used, tree bark and roots should be avoided. Look into other remedies that come from the stalk of a plant or its flowers. These will be safe to use. You used colloidal silver and the label said not to. There are some reasons why items should not be ingested, primarily the level at which the body is receiving a material when that body is much smaller and stil in development. There are other things to be concerned about with health in general but diet is the biggest factor for smaller bodies where mind and thoughts are still forming. There are some circumstances where health and wellness and healing are affected by past life debt that is being worked through this lifetime. As with all sickness there is no need to worry or become alarmed. In your case you have the knowledge and power to heal and can use this on those around you and help them learn to heal themselves minus the pill popping that so many look for.

Can Echinacea safely be ingested by my child?

This she can use. Half the amount listed for you will be safe in a drink in one of her small cups. This is excellent and will help her immune system without causing harm to physical or energy body.

Can tea tree oil be ingested by my child?

There is much this can do from the outside. There is no reason to ingest this for her. She can have this used on exterior wounds or ailments when she experiences them. You are thnking of the taste, and this is true, were she to need this, the taste is what would prevent her from willingly ingesting it now.

Can colloidal silver be ingested by my child?

This is a healing compound and should be used in small doses for limited periods. For the duration of her illness this substance can be used as you use it in her drink. It will work as many others do to rid the body of infection, virus, cleans the blood system, and improve the overall parts of the immune system to better help the physical body restores its health. You can observe the impact of the mind on healing by watching how happy children, and X2, and animals are when they are ill. If they are only experiencing mild discomfort they are no less happy and no more worried than they typically are in their daily activities and endeavors. There is no need to worry about X2 at this time, she is merely evidence that your happiness is important while undergoing any situation that shows as malady in the body. Happiness is where the heart is, you are her heart. She is happy in your presence.

Do natural or herbal remedies and supplements negatively impact breastfeeding?

There are some which diminish milk supply, but given their minor impact and the positive impact on the mother, their use should be implemented when needed to combat physical malady. Remember, certain experiences are calling attention to other areas of the body, most often diet, followed by mind and thinking and mindset or views. It is important to fix the physical body but this is primarily done and done successfully and quickly with the mind. A pill of any kind can only provide temporary relief should a person continue neglecting their body. There is much proof to this.

What natural remedies should X avoid while breastfeeding?

Anything that is produced from bark or root. Other extracts and oils will be acceptable. There are many things that form in this area of the plant that also have impacts on energy of the person, a normal functioning person shall have no problem but these impact the child and their digestion. While certain ingredients to living plants and trees cannot be measured when they pass from mother to child, be aware that much is taking place that current science does not acknowledge or measure, or even study.

Can X take the garlic pills that we have to help with her current illness?

There is much she can take that is not from your drug store, this is not one of them because of odor and impact on breastfeeding. This will be passed to X2 and will have no ill affect, other than taste, but this would cause her to stop feeding in this way.
Can X take the zinc pills that we have to help her with her current illness?
There is much that can be brought out by zinc and much that can be healed. This is something that can be taken in short doses.

X and X2 will be fine if X takes zinc to combat illness while breastfeeding?

Yes she will be fine, this will create healing and combat illness. There is no worry from this other than her mind’s convincing that something may or may not happen from its use. So much is fouled by the mind and previous material encountered. Much should be understood and measured the individual to accept the truth that is before them rather than blindly follow a truth or half truth written down by a self proclaimed professional.

Can X take the Echinacea for illness while breastfeeding?

Yes, this is acceptable, she should ot complain of the taste, there are many other forms in which this substance is found and this is by far the most acceptable for taste on your plane.

Can X take the tea tree oil for illness while breastfeeding?

Yes, this can be ingested lightly without reason for concern. This is a malady which she can fight with mind and any form of a substance that will cleans the body of illness, most namely substances like this oil. There will be a cleansing taking place and foods that clean the body, not only nourish but cleanse, will be useful in combating this problem.

Can X take the colloidal silver for illness while breastfeeding?

This is something that should not be taken long term but only for duration of illness in short servings. Not something to anticipate its use beyond the illness. This is an immune booster and virus fighter and good for combat at cellular level. This will do much good if she takes it as you do in a drink but smaller than the amount listed on the bottle.

For humans, what can they take for cold and flu?

Their diet is the biggest factor for prevention and stopping ailments. There are many changes that can be made even when ill but none are quick fixes. People choose pills because they seem to make the problem disappear immediately. This is not true. Your pills only mask the problem and give the impression that the problem has disappeared, giving the false impression that a person has healed. Their diet can be changed while ill and will still have positive impact. There is no reason to wait for a better day to change diet to one of more raw fruits and vegetables and less heavy meats.

What vitamins can be taken?

As you have read there are many that treat an infection or virus. There are many that heal internally and externally. You have read and know these but none are often more important than the other. To say only one should be the focus or a few should be the focus will cause greater unbalance in the body when a great many forms of vitamins and minerals should be ingested at a balanced amount giving the physical body all that it needs in health. A, C, E are all useful, though be mindful that all vitamins are at healthy levels and diet is in order.

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