Healing candle, Asperger’s syndrome

A few days ago when I was charging a candle with healing energy, what was the popping or moving sound I heard from within it?

This is a release from the candle. Mixing with your energy and that of the elements it experiences outside on the balcony in the energy that surrounds it. It must be redesigned so to speak so that it can be a complete canister and storage capacitor for energy. This is not something unusual for your energy works in ways that many others do not. There is the ability to fill with energy but also to redesign the structures that are already present for the benefit of the healing, this is what was taking place in this candle at the time. Repairing imperfections for healing’s highest good. There is nothing to fear here.

What is Asperger’s?

Asperger’s is a complexity of the mind and its allowance to speak easily around others which is not readily available. This is merely another experience for others more than the entity which is said to be suffering from this ailment. This is another term which doctors now use to describe something which already exists. However, there is more attention paid to something by those on your plain if there is another name or a new ideas or focus on something. This causes more attention, this will cause them to think. This can create an opportunity for many to create healing and understand the mind. Some will come to the understanding that there is more to healing and creating normalcy than what is in a pill or currently widely medically acceptable. This its not a new disease or ailment for the mind or physical body, this has been in existence for many years and much time on your plane. There is no reason to worry, this is merely the combination of our energy for new direction and change coupled with that of doctors who are calling attention to something for correction and healing to take place. One should be careful however in the ways that these illnesses are treated and “healing” being brought about and how it affects the person. Not much is done by the pill, there are exercises for physical and mental that can aid these spirits in these difficult mind designs so that they can overcome and adapt to new experience. Many of these souls in these human existences will be those that bring about change, for this is also not so much a difference that needs to be corrected but a new way for the human body and spirit to express themselves for the highest good of all. This is better for humanity overall. For you know of one or few or more individuals that might be considered to have this ailment, there is nothing overly wrong with them when you interact with them. As you deal with many on your plane that others have cast out or neglected, you are able to observe how they are no different. Many only need leave and caring and friendship as an energy is shared by connecting to another human in this existence if even only for a moment. There is much learning if all would come to know compassion and patience for others, no rushing around in life completing unnecessary tasks, the needs of your own higher self and that of your neighbor are more important that the next cup of coffee. You have experienced these and you will have the opportunity to perform a type of healing simply by the way in which you do not communicate with them differently because of a problem that the rest of humanity perceives in them. Remember, we are all humans in this plane but we are spirits  that will one day return, we all have this in common no matter how you perceive their physical or mental status and how it differs from your own.

How can I help those with Asperger’s?

Communication is important. On your ability to heal much of this will lie as well as your ability to communicate in a welcoming and non-discriminating manner with them. Many feel cast aside or treated separately when they are diagnosed by your doctors. Many feel that when they are in society they are being seen as only their ?problem? or what the medical community has labeled them. Fair treatment for all by all is necessary for this adds energy for their own development and overcoming those which will still see them in the old way. Beauty is in all tings no matter how ghastly one spirit might think of it, there is still beauty.

What can a person with Asperger’s do for themselves?

There is much that can be done but it is difficult for them because in this lifetime they are not aware of the ones before it or how others in this lifetime have a mind that works without it. It is necessary to understand that slowing down and watching the actions of others can be helpful but this is not necessary or a requirement since what they are experiencing is not actually a “problem” in any way. They experience the world differently and this is a way for the younger newer spirit to come to this world. Communication is there forte though not in the manner in which we are all accustomed. There is little they should attempt to do that they do not feel is out of their normal sphere, we, on the other hand, can learn greatly from them and experience a great deal in terms of growth by coming to understand them, and the rest of mankind and the variances and creations within it. Highest good for all.

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