Chest pain, overweight/overeating, make decisions

What is the pain that I experience in my chest on several occasions?

This is a pain for you that is a reminder of past actions and health. There is a need and reason to open this area up to healing energy and to receive it from others, as well as enjoy it and share it with others. There is a need in your diet that is not being met and there is damage being done to this area that can be reversed with healing plants. There are many plants that can help this area because of the oils and minerals within them. There is nothing to fear if you wish to incorporate a balanced diet into your life. There is no need for excessive fats and oily foods that are not grown in the soil. There is a time for you to protect this area and potentially the need for intervention beyond deity, though physical activity can strengthen the area only the plants and minerals can repair it and prevent it from further damage. Replacement of the arteries in this area can be possible in the future should you not strive for balance in the diet now. Much can be done within you, not beyond your control. Believe. It can be done. Notice when this happens, many fats enter the body, meet is not important for development, red meat should be avoided. Fish, chicken, goats, lambs, things similar to these are acceptable. No pork. These too cause problems for your health as well as the health of anyone who eats them. There is good that comes from them but it is possible to eat other meats and receive the same benefit without the side effects or damage to the body as with red meet.

How can I control and stop overeating?

This is something you must overcome on your own. This is not a terrible aspect of your person but it serves as a reminder for the possibility of the mind to become lazy and the body to become lazy, also that the mind and spirit can be strong but we must tend to our physical bodies while in this plane in this human existence. There is nothing to be avoided by eating, there are many benefits to being stronger and there will be a time when this is necessary for you. You must make changes so that your body becomes fit Overeating for some is a material gathering, a way for them to have physical possessions sand replace what is missing, or what they feel is absent in their lives. There is no reason for you to do this. You should experience life. Find what is fun. Vacation for fun, not only vacation to learn more for work or fire experience. There is a life to be lived, not always nose to the grindstone. You will find time for this in your day, to create health and focus on the foods you eat. Structure your environment so that food is available but not unnecessarily so that over indulgence is not possible. Listen to the body, eat slowly, eat without distraction. This is not just wisdom found on the physical plane but that which we see is necessary and known on our side of the curtain as we see it necessary for physical bodies. There is a need to eat for activity and to pass the time. Focus your free time, plan for other activities that have been neglected in the past. Bring them into the light. Focus on outdoors. Focus on energy and healing. Walking. Food provides life, not entertainment.

What is the reason or cause for my overeating?

There is no root cause other than it is available to you and provides a comfort in the sense that it fills your time. There is a need to move away from this because of damage and impact on physical body. This has ill effect on our work with you for developing healing. Oxygen is necessary, breathing. Fat hinders oxygen flow through the body by restricting inhalation. You have seen this.

At this point I didn’t feel that I was actually finished, it was more that I believed I had other things to do. As I started to close the session and prepare to move on, I heard the following paragraph. The question that follows I felt compelled to ask since I was still connected.

There is more that I wish to say, and that is, you are who you are, no one can shake this from you but you are the one who has direct control over it. Go out into the world and make the life that you have wanted. There is much that can be done. No wrong choices, only choices left unmade over fear. Peace will come to you and the world. You will be instrumental in times of crisis. There is a need for you to go out into the world. Prepare that which you find necessary and work with those who are interested. You can learn a great deal by working with others, even those who you perceive to be less aware than you. We are all masters, we are all teachers, words and titles only serve the ego and serve sometimes as motivation for those who need physical and mental motivation or reassurance. You are on the right path. Go for it.

Should I pursue (specific degree at specific university)?

There is a time for this and that time is now. You must create action and become less passive in your life. You can help others but do not become so involved in others that you forget about your own life. Healing and spiritual works will become part of your world in a more integrated and continual fashion, but you must also make decisions and focus on that which is directly related to you. Clean spaces of clutter, move forward, tie up loose ends for you. Don’t neglect your own body for helping the others. We understand your need to help and this is universal an important, but do not sacrifice so much that you fail to complete your own tasks. All receive help in some way, no matter if you can provide it or not. There are others seen and unseen who do this. Their minds may not want help in the some cases and provide a barrier to any help you can provide. Be aware of this. Help is necessary for those who truly need it and are also ready for it.

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