Phil Hartman, nuclear power, global warming, how to help

What can you share about Phil Hartman’s life’s purpose and the manner in which he died?

This is not something that should be readily examined by those on your plane. He was a great man and fully enveloped himself in his work and entertaining others. He was completely happy in his career and making a living by bringing laughter to others. This is also an example of how one’s own interest may not be in balance by measuring it against other areas of his life. He was also unable to make changes in his life which needed to be made. Though this end was seemingly tragic, his own life was brought to a close on his terms. There is not much that could have prevented it unless he felt as though there was more learning that needed to take place. The manner in which he exited your plane may not seem comfortable but this was also an experience for his wife. Greater attention should be paid to the mind altering substances on your plane, both naturally occurring and those that man has made. There are some for good and some that cause negative impact on the mind and body, this is what had taken place in Brynn’s mind. The Hartman’s are now at peace with one another. Each do not share a hatred for one another. Both have fully understood their purpose and mission in life as it related to others and the relationship between them. Do not worry for them. This was not a tragic event. It was not a planned event but was acceptable in the terms under which it had taken place.

What can you share about nuclear power and how it is currently used on earth?

There is a great waste by this. It is possible to pursue this energy in a more healthy manner for the earth. There is currently great care that must be taken for this fuel energy and a great unstable particle within it making it volatile and desperately full of corruption. There is a manner in which this product can be used to harness greater power and be used in which there is less harmful waste created. Though there may not be a readily available change visible, there are other manners in which the waste can be used to promote energy use, or even ‘disposed’ in a healthier manner in which it is returned to a more natural state, rather than isolated and cordoned off away from life. It can create life, not only destroy it. There will be a better type of energy coming soon that the human plane will use for energy in homes and energy for travel. A much more natural type with less harmful impact on the world.

Please explain what we mankind calls an etheric double.

This is merely your energy, your spirit. This is what currently fills your physical form and controls it, it is what exists beyond and without your physical body. It has the ability to leave the body, and explore as it were, the area around it as well as other planes of existence and realms. These are often what a man may experience in dreams. Women are often rehashing thoughts from previous lives or their immediate thoughts on their immediate life. This is a natural part of your ‘body’ that many more will come to know and realize and will serve to explain many unexplainable occurrences that are experienced by many who refuse to believe on your life plane.

Is global warming a real problem or is it simply something mankind has invoked to cause fear and for profit?

Global warming is a plan to allow man to realize the impact he has on the earth through commercial means. There is much to understand that all humans, no matter their intent, leave a trail of debris on this earth. There is much in that trail that is unnecessary and can be stopped. Many feel better about recycling or using alternative ingredients. These are helpful but do not stop the overall impact when there better alternative is to find new ways of existence and means to our daily lives. There is not much that is coming from it now since there is an fighting between science and the reasoning for it. There are many times that should merely should be experienced and mindful attention paid to the thoughts it creates in your, not the reasons why this situation is created. There are many who blame the god or some external forces. There is much that is done naturally to promote this into the natural view but be aware that no matter what man does, nature will cleanse and repair itself if left to its own devices. There have been many times in the history of human kind that men lived better with nature, they did not pollute for the sake of material wealth. There was an understanding, a symbiotic relationship. Give and take, use and then repair. Today this is not the current overall view. There are many who attempt to strike a balance but this may not help all those who are not working to even make amends through small tasks like recycling or using less. This simply cannot continue and the great physical changes to your world will help right these actions which have gone on for so long. There will be change, but not simply because of your pollution, though it is a contributor. This is in place to cause a shift in thinking. A new mental and spiritual age, where items are created with purpose, not to squeeze the populace from energy and money.

As the earth is undergoing physical and spirit evolutionary changes at this time, what can humankind do to help and/or assist?

There is much you can do. Be aware of the energy around you and the environment that you create with your thoughts, actions, and energy. This has a greater impact on the whole of man, and the spiritual realm, than what you may realize. There is a great peace that is achieved by working to understand those around you, their reasons, and the world, and its direction. Daily meditation is a wonderful experience that should be experienced by all and this will help each in the ways that it should, specific to each man. Share knowledge, share wisdom. There are those that will understand and many more will follow. Some will only understand when there are more public experiences with it. Some have a herd mentality. There should be a greater understanding by all to delve deeper into news, information, and more. Do not take things at face value. Worry about your world, work to change it. Worry shall be the motivation. When there is fear that something is drastically changing beyond control this will cause many to change their view and create peace in their environment. Work to create change and realize that resistance will first be expected but that there will come a time when the common practice is much different than what it is now. Some will not be concerned and this is not for them. When they become the minority there is no reason to scoff at them or return the negative energy in which they shared it onto your beliefs. Be patient. Work for understanding and life lessons that are universal to all beings. Peace to all.

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