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From 3/13/11

What can you share with me at this time for my path and the direction or areas I should be focusing on?

This is a time for you to develop great things in your life for the good of you and the good of those you come in contact with. When you have an idea you should act on it. Explore it further. There is often something else accompanying it that you may not realize and delving further will help you understand the world and bring greater opportunities to you. There is much you do not understand and you should know that your experience in this world is a lifelong learning process. No one spirit knows all there is to know about every aspect of creation. Be ready to experience the world and the knowledge that you can gather from various interactions and experiences. There is a lot to learn right in your own home and place of work. Do not feel as though you aren’t contributing or accomplishing. In tiny decisions, those that we take for granted while in human form, can have everlasting effects and consequences on our world and yours. There is much taking place and you are noticing this. Work needs to be done to formulate a plan in your mind about where you would like to turn, what path should be followed from this point. There are never any closed doors to you, only opportunities which may feel more favorable to you. Your occupation presently will provide you with enough experience and knowledge for the next. Your career as an X will be fun and short lived for greater things that are coming your way. Do not discount any training or those around you as unnecessary. Though you may not find that training useful in the next world know that it will provide you with learning opportunities and experiences that you will take with you out of your human form. There is much at stake with you, you are a key person in the lives of many though you may not realize it. Focus on creating peace and calm where you go. Be mindful of sleep. Working on this is important for you and ensures a healthy mind, body, and energy when you are working in such energies and fields. There is a reason you have come to this and will take you many places through experiences. There are no lost opportunities. Your health should be improved. Get back on that treadmill for your sake and the sake of those that you wish to help. Much will be different after X leaves. You may choose to become the mentor in your group of friends and you may attract others to a small group. There is still time for you in Evansville, you won’t’ be leaving too soon, nor too late. It is best for you to accomplish additional schooling for yourself to carry yourself beyond the stigma that you feel, and occasionally does, hold you back because you are lacking in credential papers. Though understand knowledge comes and the most important of all wisdom is not dispensed any better simply because you hold a certificate. Your wisdom is not important to you now but will see the importance later in life. You want quick answers, some are useful at this, others will also see the quick work being done that has long impressions on their environment. It is important to do long-term work. Clean up loose ends so that they do not become bigger obstacles for you later. Be mindful of actions. Your impression on those around you is important to you. They also perceive you with open eyes and cherish what you have to say as you can dispense great wisdom, they may not realize it, at the time.

Will X be in harmony with Saint Cloud, Florida?

This will be a beautiful place for X. There is much openness and energy for him there. This is a very naturally appealing place and the energy surrounding it is quite high and peaceful. There is much to be done there. Much he will enjoy. This will create a backdrop for many fruitful endeavors. Much to be learned here, much work to do. Complete tasks wholeheartedly, the next one is waiting.  Remember, patience, virtuous people never finish ahead of others living simply by the world of virtues. No worry for seemingly many tasks. You are capable of tall these things in good time. You are capable now. There is much to be done, we are ready, we are ready when you are. Come ready to tackle objections of others and see your projects completed. There will be no time for those things that are not important to you. Take history for granted and see it for what it truly is, history, an expansion of the past is what we are currently living in. There is much to be done. This city is your canvas.

Please share information on X’s night terrors, their cause, and how to stop them.

X experiences these tremors in her sleep because of concern of her family.  There is much worry and grieving by her over the actions within the family and the energy experienced there. Much should be done to create a harmonious and peaceful, loving environment. Though you may not feel she is fully capable of understanding the complex intricacies of the world around there is much taking places that she sees and is aware of, even subconsciously. She experiences these things because she is living in it with the rest of the family. There is no other outlet for this conflict she observes and experiences. There are no outside forces at work here that cannot be stopped by reasoning within the family to create peace and a balanced environment. Elimination of certain aspects that are not part of anyone’s highest good should be acted upon. Know what is important. Share time and love with her directly. No passive enjoyment from children, assist them and guide them now. Do not worry that they have been neglected in any way up to this point; this is merely a byproduct of learning that much have taken place for their development in the future. X will continue to experience these sleeping terrors until the energy in the family is calmed, centered, and focused. If the family does not make these improvements there will be a wearing down of her mind and therefore having it become accustomed to this negative energy which can have dire consequences on her later life. She will always be bright and happy, but constant conflict can spoil the energy field of a person and have harmful effects on future relationships and interactions with others.

What more can you share on root races and what the human race of today needs to know about them?

These are classes of people that come in waves and generations. Each person may have a mission and goals to accomplish but an overall group that begins to enter the world has a higher purpose. Each may be seen as a new age when they enter. There are always higher goods to be done but these spirits enter the world with much more to work in s a catalyst for previous generations already on the planet. They can begin seeding the planet with new ideas, new terms, learning and understanding the past and bringing it along to the new ways. Each may also bring subtle physical differences which may not seem visible, these are sublet changes in the evolution of man, in part because of man’s control over his physical realm, and others seen from your plane as needed improvements to come with the coming age and changes that will be experienced. You can see this as marked time periods throughout history when there were major thought shifts, major developments in the society of man and the views expressed by them. It is needed to be known that there are some changes that take millions of years, all improving the human experience or making it more worth-while to those who decide to venture into it. Classes of people often do not understand those who came before them and as much as this is a learning process for those who are present, this is also a learning for those who are coming in. To learn from the old, or accept it. To experience it, to break free from it and to push on with the new for the better of the humans in this existence. There are many who have outside influences from other races. These are called gemantrai. These are a combination or by-product of two or more species of existence mixing at any one time. These are not merely intermingling of animals as you might use that as an example. There are also changes and additions of DNA by other species to attempt to improve and contribute for the higher good of humanity.

I thought gemantria is a title of a book?

This is the name so chosen to bring forth the information of spiritual beings and those that people call aliens. This term has many meanings.

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