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Are those we term as Star or Indigo children part of a root race?

These are not a typical root race. These individuals are part of a separate wave of spirits that are involving themselves in the progress of the earth. These could be called a subset to the normal set of spirits that create the human populace. They have a mission all of their own that is in conjunction with the rest of humanity but they will complete separate tasks with different energy, bringing about various conclusions to old ways that are still being held by many. Old ways need to change and serve as an example or even a building block for the future, but there are many dogmatic ways that should be dropped because they served only personal interests and to fuel conflict on many levels. There is much to say on this right now if you are prepared. There is an interworking within this group that allows them, with greater ease and fashion, to communicate with our world, between each other, and to see within or experience the energy of another entity on your plane. Many are prepared for this before they enter your world, though through freewill, they may not fully develop. They are no different from any other spirit coming to your plane in this respect. There is a time in which they will come to pass and will no longer be needed, look at them as a booster. They will not fully engulf humanity or overtake it, but they are a separate race, if you will, that will push the envelope as you would call it. They have more open by their physical design to experience many things and understand them on new levels and bring about change and motivate people to do the same. Though they may not take seemingly great actions, with all beings too, the example they set through interest and universal kindness, and other truths they bring, they will motivate by example. They will come to know many in their time though they are not all currently coming in such a great flux as they once were. There is a new wave already entering and a time for them to rise and increase in numbers is underway. There will be a great surge of energy that will sway the energy in, on, and around the earth in new ways, and though beings of higher energy contribute to this, special races, or classes of beings, like star children or indigo children you might call, have the ability to reawaken this dormant energy in others. You might equate them to a special team or special group coming in to assist those already involved, they will leave when their section of contribution is complete. They have already completed much and many who experience abrupt deaths can be concluded that they were of these special classes and have completed their work. Their work may not always be on a grand scale, only to motivate one person they come in contact with can become the greatest responsibility that one sprit coming to your plane may experience. There are n small tasks as they all culminate in greater activity and perception for and of the human race by comparison within themselves and by other forms of life existent on your plane and in others. The ability to communicate and interact with other planes and dimension sis coming very soon. The ability for people to openly acknowledge alleged aliens on your plane is not coming as soon as we will hope. Many will communicate with them and acknowledge them but there will still be many who refuse though the evidence is mounting and these being s will help in greater ways. There will come a time when many different races live together on one planet since all are for the highest good. Though many will still live on their respective planets as many subtle differences in energy make it more harmonious to love among one’s own kind. There is a great healing taking place and there are many spirits working towards this with many types of energy and beings. All can work towards this and many special classes of entities are being brought forth and are coming into age now to accept and produce it. Be watchful, some special classes may be easily swayed from their path because of the openness with which they experience the world. They may be easily rocked from their path and easily entangled in spiritual matters which do not matter or physical presence and materials which have no purpose for their life. Be watchful and you can see these beings. Often great conflict can come to a person because they are a special class who was brought into a specific area. There may be great conflict with one person compared to the mindset of an entire large group of people. This person’s mere existence in this seemingly conflicted group is enough to bring the nergy around of a few to new ideas and world thinking for the positive of everyone involved on any plane. Though this is not always true as much conflict can also be the result of ego clash. Many ideas in history have been thought of as ludicrous, but many of these have benefited human race and may be brought about by those in special positions. It will take time, as it has in the pat, but many new ideas will soon be accepted by many. There is not much openness with certain ideas now. Trust that there are far greater in favor of these new ideas than what is currently popularly believed or portrayed. Stop on this for now.

What is the mission of Star or Indigo children incarnating at this time?

To bring about change, everlasting peace. Instruct those currently present on new practices and thought forms. To focus their energy on raising the world for good. They may experience greater physical or mental anguish because of their openness but they will also learn from this an d be motivated to overcome this. While they may not complete this their example and lifetime is an example for many on this plane and others, and those in a lifetime with them. They can be helped but offer greater help in their actions, though they may not be direct. Indirect action is often grater as more people will accept it on their own terms rather tan at first glance take something to be absolute truth. A song is born slowly, not epic pieces in great force at once.

Can you expand our knowledge concerning abortion?

Abortion is not for you to understand completely. Know that it comes about as a lesson for many to learn to understand this great choice. There should be greater understanding and letting do because a spirit may need to undergo that lifetime in those circumstances with what may appear to those involved and already here, as unfavorable circumstances. There are no unfavorable circumstances. There is much that a human cannot currently see, though many are waking to it. It is about control, though do many think that there is less control in allowing this spirit to be brought in on their own terms? There is no control, for this spirit will come when it is comfortable with the energy around it. There should be acceptance of this practice though the goal should be to overcome to fear associated with it by those who are wishing to carry it out. Overcome the worry and fear and selfishness. Your purpose may be to raise this soul into the earth and forgo some practice in which you are currently engaged. There is no growing up fast, because this may be your purpose. There are many reasons though and greater responsibility should be understood if one feels that they are not currently ready for such an engagement in the life of another. Understand that no matter how neglected a child may be it could be for the purpose of that child, there is much that people deem as negative or horrible on your plane when they see another being or a child experiencing them, though this may be the very reason that they have come into this life. For themselves, and for others, this can be a great experience. Learning compassion is never easy. Learning to be responsible with your thoughts and actions on those which bring about greater impact on future lifetimes is never easy but is important. Action has results and outcomes, learn to think beyond your next five minutes, do not worry on it, only know that your actions have ripples into the future.

Can you share with me where my car and house key ring are currently located?

Your keys are not in your car but are in your car area. There was a time in which you placed them here for safe keeping to understand it later. You must look for them and clean this area. This will lead you to their location. It is not ultimately important that you find them or not. But their missing is something that will take care of other areas needing attention.

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