Radiation, coming events, protection and working together

From 3/17/11:

Will the United States be directly affected by radiation coming across the ocean from Japan?

There will be a time for this and it is not quite certain when this will be. There is not accurate information being portrayed in your news and media about the affects of radiation and its spread and severity within Japan. More should be aware of how radiation can move and how it will affect them should it reach them. There should be a looking at new energies once this crisis is over. There will be many motivated to use coal, there is a better alternative. Many will not want to use the power that is currently available in less volatile forms, wind, water, solar, but they do not harm living in the manner that coal and radiation do and will so long as they continue to be used. These energies we speak of can be used until such time the greater efficiency and more powerful form is understood and discovered on your plane. There is no need to worry about the radiation in your location, though some precautions should be taken. There is much scare and fear being purported to garner attention in the media and to increase prices. Protection and preparedness should be undertaken to understand the plight of those who are directly experiencing the disaster. There will be some affected in California and Canada by this. It will not be a serious contamination. This will bring them to the brink. This is only a smaller segment of a larger uprising and outbreak. Look for greater disaster in California and in Japan, more in China. Small events in China can affect millions because of population and their impact on the world and its markets. Preparedness and preparation. Those who are not prepared will not perish but will only have the hope and wanting to have done something differently when the opportunity was available to them.

Should Americans take potassium iodide to protect themselves?

This can be used, though it does not offer great protection in the long term when greater and more dangerous substances are released. There is much isolation in the media and fracturing and fragmenting news and releasing it only to certain areas. More should know about this but the greater solution is containment and creating new and more stable technologies that will survive no matter what changes are experienced on the earth. There is much waste and hazard from those that are currently used on your plane. Much is driven by profit and the controllers do not see that profit can also be made in new ventures, but profit does not have to be the ultimate goal. Creating prosperity and assisting others, creating a more harmonious living with your environment instead of killing, trampling, and polluting it is important wand will one day be and the forefront and company commanders.

For any coming catastrophic event, should humans have an emergency kit in their homes?

There is a great need to prepare now but also learn to survive in a new paradigm. There will be changes, may be changes that cause a new way of life. This is not a negative way or terrible change though many will see it in this manner. Learn how to obtain what you need without the use of your tax money bringing it to you. There will be groups working against you but many smaller groups will be formed locally and near you to work together to acquired these things for the small pockets of groups. Peace and tranquility will be the end result but patience is needed so that you are not further agitated until those around you finally come to see the truth, not necessarily of spirit, but of the seriousness of the situation and how things are being changed permanently, not a temporary emergency situation. Depending on others to help is not logical, the government it not capable of helping millions across the country and even around the globe when a major event that causes change is to occur. Remember, the seriousness of an event is only as serious as you see it, there are those who live with nothing and much worry is not considered by them during an major event because they are happy without the material wealth that many people look to. Do not deny yourself if you are living in balance, only come to understand that there may able a new sense of happiness, wholeness, and completeness, much closer to that of those who people view as living in hardship, but happiness is anywhere you find it. It is not important for each person or each small family to have large houses, there will be a time when many will need to be sheltered and these houses should be shared with those who need it.

For any coming catastrophic event, should I own a gun for some kind for protection from others?

There is a need for a sense of security. Know that changes will bring panic and many behaviors that would not normally be expreinced in others simply because they are in alarm, under stress, panicking. This is something you may do if you wish though it is not simply a matter of owning one, but being prepare to use it should you feel threatened. You must understand the greater gravity of the situation by using and employing one. What really do you wish to defend with it? What are you going to stop? Remember, there are only experiences and there is no reason to worry about this lifetime, only work to promote the changes that are coming much faster than anyone realizes. A handgun requires more philosophical focus on your part to fully understand what owning one may entail for you. There is no need to rush out and purchase one but this can be done if you see fit. This may give the illusion of protection when fear should not be used, there should be a time of working together and each doing their part. When the chaos is seemingly at its worse, this will be the time that even those extreme hard-nosed individuals will take a turn for the worse and leave and yet there will be others who come to the table and assist and work for the greater good of those involved. War is not the answer. Violent beings will be dealt with, you have nothing to fear from others. Protection is protection of mind and body, defense, not offense. Working together.

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