Ethereal double, sexuality

The following section probably applies to many, but I got it for a specific person as separate information before I started focusing on the following questions.

For X: There is a hand that always leads the child, a person less experienced, the apprentice as they begin to learn to cross the street. They protect they guide and they assist, but there must come a time, in order to reach full potential, full development, and to experience all that there is in the world, when the young child, apprentice, the person studying, must let go of that hand and experience the crossing of the road on their own and to seek all that there is on the other side. An experience through the interpretation of others is not always best as it limits your view and your lesson and your ability. Much greater growth is had by taking on these experiences for yourself without the middle interference or relaying of information. You are capable of this now. Have no fear, this is not new to you. You’ve been here before.

What purpose does our ethereal double provide?

Your ethereal double is more of an energy body, this is the you that exists beyond all other confines of physical reality and the other restrictions that you may place on mental and energy bodies in the human form. There is much to be learned about this but also learn that no matter what term is used to describe it, this, and many other terms and practices are all the same, they are accomplishing the same no matter what you call them. There is much distraction between groups who claim to be practicing specific arts or beliefs, these are all accomplishing the same as those who they seem to oppose or who call themselves different. An ethereal double is your energy body when you are not in physical form. You have the ability to leave your body, your physical body, and travel, grow and learn. It is also possible to leave your body and ‘bi=locate’ even while you are awake and your body is functioning. The mind in the physical body has many abilities that are not studies nor are they accepted as anything more than just novelty or daydreaming. The conscious and subconscious mind are powerful and to some degree and operate the body for a time while the energy body is absent, though connected to, the physical human form. You are able to experience your home, other situations, there is not a separate you, this ‘other body’ is your true body and is allowed to free itself from the physical form at various times. This is accomplished through deep meditation, by astral projection, this is what is taking place in these practices though they are all the same no matter what term you place on them.

Are there any negative ramifications from homosexuality or bisexuality?

There are no negative ramifications. There are physical damages that can be done through long-term sex of a specific nature, but there is no punishment in this act or sexual or loving nature of the human spirit. On th e side you will cross to hen you are finished, there are no genders unless you choose to associate with or be identified as a specific gender. Specifically, that might better be expressed as there is equal love for all spirits and therefore equal love from each gender for each gender. There is no definition of who may love who and in what way as the creator is concerned. A balance of love in all forms is necessary. Physical attraction of any kind is acceptable as long as it is not to the detriment of others. There are some that choose this path prior to living in a physical form, there are others who choose it once they are here and it is an outward expression of their lacking love from specific parental or ‘parent-like’ figures in their life. Though it is no less important the lessons learned in that situation no matter their motivations or the decisions to undertake them. Many have not learned universal love and perhaps the greatest lesson is not for the soul to undergo terrible persecution for sexual beliefs or the love of the same gender but for man to understand that there is still a soul in each physical form. In a manner of speaking, no matter what is viewed on the exterior, and no matter the beliefs held inside that physical form, there is still being of energy and light within that physical form that is learning, experiencing, and changing just as those who might be eager to judge, blame, persecute, etc. Often there is previous debt that must be paid for prior actions, and there is persecution experienced in this lifetime that was a direct result of the actions taken by that soul in a previous life. Quite often there is a balance in what one experiences by choice, choosing to experiencing both sides of the coin, both sides of the situation, this can be by choice and can be called karma, though even if they do not choose, in order to understand, you must be both the murder and the victim, this is karma. You cannot only experience the rosy side of each action, karma is not a punishment, but the polar opposite of actions had before in order to better allow you to understand what has taken place, what is taking place, wand what is being experienced by those when the other side of the action is experienced. There is no homosexual that can be learned or loved to be heterosexual. This is not a disease, this is not a mental illness. There are other problems, as with all humans, that can accompany any underlying desire, urge, or preference and these are what should be addressed. If they are uncomfortable with some aspect of their body or mind, this is for that soul to come to terms with, learn with, use as a tool, experience, and learn not to judge just as they wish to experience this lifetime without judgment and hatred towards them. All should love each and through the physical form more is often associated with love through sexual acts, there is nothing negative or detrimental to the spirit or soul by any form of sexual experience that they may undertake. There should only be reasons evaluated for the motivations when they are brought on by some insecurity or any other malady that your doctors or dogmatic leaders may thrust onto a group of people. More is being down in the mind of those who are different from societal standards in any regard than what many people will come ot understand in a single lifetime. There is o need for judgment or persecution, most often, through sexual preference or any other ‘moral’ issue. There is no need to thrust your beliefs onto others. It is acceptable for all to live and let live in those differing beliefs. Many would still learn and accomplish actions, lessons, and learning by observing the actions of others without the hatred violence and persecution that is experienced now. Though lessons will always take place, there is always record of what has happened, and it is possible to learn, once certain actions or entirely eliminated from earth, learn of these actions from records of previous lifetimes of other souls there will not always be a a need for violence, but as it is perpetuated the opposing party in an action must experience the opposite. Turning a cheek is far greater than retaliation. Many will come to know this. It is the aspect of each personality often associated with each gender that should be balanced and experienced by a child rather than ensuring that those specific aspects or natures are emanating from a specific gender on the earth plane.


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