Black mold

Please share information on black mold and its causes and reasons for existence.

There is a property in place that will manifest should the energy focus or intention of a place become too disorganized or too unfocused. This is evident in your apartments where you work where the energy is scattered, constantly fluctuating, always changing and working on a spectrum of extremes. This is more prevalent in the world at this time because of the discombobulation that is seen in many areas and the energy directed to such buildings and the energy that exists or once existed in these buildings. Simply being empty does not stop the previous energy from affecting the structure and the energy  of thought expressed by those from outside the building who see it as dilapidated or some other problem, or even considering a history of events of a structure, may cause this energy to continually manifest in it. The method for stopping it is a simply change of thought and energy pattern. This is also brought on by water but the presence of water within a structure’s foundation or walls does not necessarily breed black mold. This is the explanation, of water, that is used on your plane to explain the reasons for its existence. There should be done more work and energy in to the understanding of that which affects all living beings that is not necessarily tangible by physical world standards of present. It is possible to cleans and rid the mold physically but balance should struck within the dwelling or structure to ensure that it does not return. Simply fixing a water leak may help but this sometimes lacking maintenance repair serves only the further chaotic manner of the energy, as it is being derilicted. Remove the water and the energy still existing will still manifest through a physical problem such as black mold or structural problems, even though they may appear only to be cosmetic, these are the same methods that the human body uses to signal an imbalance or area that needs attention to the spirit inhabiting it at the present physical existence.

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