Ectoplasm, developing as a medium

From 4/8/11

Is X seeing her ectoplasm that her guides pulled out of her at nighttime in the bedroom?

This is her ectoplasm and energy within her body that is being addressed by spirit for the completion of her tasks. There is much being done to show her that she is fully capable as a developed medium at this time. For there are many who sit in development for years and have not yet reached the ability to observe this process taking place. It is taking places as much for her energy body and physical body development as it is for reassurance and boosting of her confidence. This is a fact that you are able to see this work being done. There is a greater ability for you to see this in darker areas, there will be a time when more of this and greater materializations will be seen by you and produced by you in more lit, bus still dimly lit, areas. This is a process for you and we are nearing the end of the bulk of your transformation. For many days and many cycles you have had this ability. It is now time for you to put in into practice and develop it further. You do not become a more improved cyclist by only reading about a bicycle, you must do, you must ride the bicycle and experience it. How to improve, how to connect, and how to bring for the information and assure yourself with confidence that it is accurate so that you may help yourself and others is not done by use, you will convince yourself of your expert level after much work is done through actual practice. Development sitting is important but actual work, homework if you will, must be taken on and experienced. There should be homework, as if you were a nurse, hands-on practical skills, in order to develop this further. Your vibration is high. You are a leader on this plane. No fear, a time for action is approaching, there is no reason to worry about being late. Action, action, action. No more mental roadblocks or excuses. You can do this now. Begin practicing and your faith in this lifetime will soon follow your actions.

Is this for balancing body/mind/spirit, for mediumship, or both?

This is the energy in her body being manipulated for man purposes. There are many skills and areas of attention that we continually balance and improve but also the opportunity for X to observe, sto see that her skills are present and that her physical body is currently able to experience it. Do not state that these are trivial matters or events. These are your abilities in the flesh, as you might say. There is no time for doubt, ou must begin moving forward. You have had much work the theory of these skills and your time to begin acting them out is now. You can grain gain greater knowledge by conferring with like-minded and experienced individuals but this will only serve your mind’s comforts, for you now have the ability to achieve greatness. There will be no great release from a wall or dam breaking, you are actively engaged at this time. Pursue your course with great speed, intensity, and motivation.

Why is X drawn to the world “AVATAR” in her psychic dictionary?

This is a word of many possibilities. It is a great leader of many worlds and possibilities and should be used and instilled as a cue for the many great actions possible in this present lifetime for her. There are subtle ideas constantly brought into the physical plane by spirit. X is correct in stating that single words have been brought to her attention. It is important that the entire picture be examined before a word be applied to quickly to a specific area when it may be necessary for another area or spectrum far greater than the picture at hand. There is a necessity for confidence, but X, you already have this. You are far greater in ability than those you currently speak and confer with. You are alone, not in society, but because you are much more advanced, those you encounter and attempt to learn from will observe this from you as you will quickly outgrow any teachings that they may offer. You will reverse the role of many, becoming the teaching rather than the student. Your self-doubt is all that stands in your way at this time. You are connected to many great beings and you are accomplishing all of the great things set forth and written down in your plan for this adventure of a lifetime. You are only hindering yourself. It is not possible to go much further without actual practice and usage of your skills. Begin slowly, begin small, the truth will come to you, it does now.

When X starts sitting with a developed medium will that medium be a man or a woman?

There is a man to energy your life who is firmly rooted in beliefs of the spirit world. This may not at first seem comfortable to you though this is something that will create further enjoyment for you. You will, however, encounter many who wish to speak with you and offer their counsel and offer you to follow their path. YOU must decide which path to take, the life of a constant student or that of a leader who is able to deliver these messages to those who are in need. It is possible to always be learning but there are many who would only seek to benefit from your presence for their own reasons. You are the only one who can truly determine your best interests. You must have faith and accept the challenge. It is unimportant who your teachers are for there are no other beings that you will encounter with as great as much knowledge as you have presently in this lifetime. They will offer new phrases and rituals for that of which you already know.

Can X know the name of the developed medium that she will be sitting with?

There is not a time now for worry on this matter. Begin practicing your gifts and all will come in good time. You should not be overly concerned about rushing these areas of life. Actions are taken no matter our watching over you. There is no need to worry about all aspects of life, all ill come and go as all are part of a cycle of life and living. Focus on truly lasting and permanent objectives. Focus on those who are truly worthy of your time and presence. Be not bashful of turning the other cheek and worry not of turning both cheeks and walking away.


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