Hormone cycle, mood swings, menorrhagia, oophorectomy

From 4/10/11

What should X know about her hormonal cycle?

This cycle is regulated by the energy and power of thought energy that exists within her. This is not purely a physical result of processes of the body. There should be much done to understand the balance of thought and reasons for them so to better balance mind, body, and spirit rather than seek an quick alternative to temporarily fix a problem or to allow the fix to further mask the problem, through the root cause of the issue is still present. Patience is what is needed to begin your journey of understanding in this area. Small steps to initiate a change in the body is important, for it will be an uncomfortable length of time before a natural positive and measurable result, by your standards is observed. Simply meditating a few minutes per day on the change you wish to see will do much to attract a natural change in the energy and emotions present in this lifetime, and the previous, that are affecting this cycle of the body.

How can X reduce mood swings, cramping, and menorrhagia?

There is a problem for her in the glands of the body. This should be balanced and regulated as you have already discussed. Notwithstanding a balancing produced by outside medicinal alternatives, such as herbs, there should be much attention paid to regulating the other cycles of the body such as sleep and overall health as it pertains to the diet. The problem she is questioning is greatly amplified each time an injection enters her body or a pill crosses her lips. These problems, the greater picture, can be solved to her satisfaction should she take each smaller problem and balance it first on tis own. Slowly a greater balance and greater result shall be achieved but the desire to do so through work and effort is important. There is a tendency by her to stop working and lose motivation when there is still a time of work to be done. Do not lose sight of your goals, when you tire, remember what you are working towards. Write these down where you can observe them and when you have grown weary you can look to them as the reason to continue, for it is exactly within your grasp and possible to achieve these things, there is no need to doubt yourself. You have experience accomplishing great feats and these are possible for you know in this lifetime for your physical body and your spirit and energy as they are all combined and interlocked.

What should X know about having an oophorectomy?

There is much done on your physical plane to remove inconveniences or to control the boy. There are often small and minor problems on yruour plane which are problems and errors that were created either intentionally for your development or through an error as the body was being formed. There should be less attempt at intervening when there is not a threat to life, and even so, it should be considered what options are present and why this is happening to you. Great leaps have occurred in medicine because of information shared from spirit, but as you can see, for each leap, there are still problems to ensure that learning and understanding still continues to take place. Simply removing part of your body may cause greater problems for you. Though your doctors will tell you that this is a natural process that the body is still able to sustain life afterwards, there is much that the energy being and systems within the body need and rely upon which will be removed by this process. Though should you become more interested in the physical and forgo any knowledge of the spirit world it is possible for you to understand and achieve but know that there will always be a lacking area in your life for many reasons should you chose to engage in this procedure. Understand that the problems associated with this area are manageable by you should you seek to truly remedy them, not only when it is convenient for you to do so.

Is there anything else that X should know about these subjects or anything that would help her cope, stop, or better understand them?

You are directly manifesting in the physical existence that which emanates from your soul or mind in the physical plane. Focus on what enters it and what leaves it, and the changes in your physical body will change drastically. There are problems and energy associated with previous lifetime’s and you should learn to truly understand your fears and worries and the reasons for them, for, through this, you will see that there truly are no reasons for fear and understating this is vital to your success. But there is no quick way to overcome this for you were sent here to learn from previous lifetimes and other actions taken in other existences. Simply reading will help add to your toolbox of and give you resources for overcoming or improving, but it is up to you to gather this knowledge and put it into place.


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