Raising vibration, development class, psychic skills and abilities

What can we do in our physical existence to raise our vibration in our daily lives?

Focus on things that bring you joy and open your hearts and minds to experience joy and love. There should be no immediate focus on sadness and frustration before spirit work or communication or development. There are many things you can do but these can be easily found as you must only look for joy and those things that you bring you joy while expressing the true laws of the universe. There is no true joy in the sadness and hurting of others. You should no longer find these things exciting or truly happy. Joy comes from expressing your heart and mind together in a beneficial and positive way. Laughter is most notable acceptable because of the true happiness that you experience which is very similar to the everlasting love and pleasantness of your true home. Dancing, clapping, singing, obnoxious body movements. These boisterous movements can be thought of as those that might be used by children. These will engage those around you in laughter and to ‘lighten the mood’ which is only the energy shifting and vibration shifting in the area and of those in the area. There is much to be learned about this. Your body posture can have an effect. This is true if a particular feeling is associated by you with a particular posture or you express certain feelings only in a certain posture. There is much attention paid to this by those who are aware of their bodies and simply adjusting your posture and body mannerisms there can be a great shift in the energy field and vibration of the body. Movements and posture can increase blood flow and increase the energy flow in a body allowing it to be raised to new heights, and min (unknown word) even the most basic circumstances, for any stagnation to disappear. This is why a child might appear happy though a parent might be wanting them to calm down and stop their behavior, this is simply the child’s natural way of interacting with the world though they are unaware of how much is based on their energy body. Sloth like mannerisms can be accompanied or attributed to negative energy and slow sluggish energy and a lower vibration. Walking and physical activity on a daily basis, especially those where the body is in contact with the elements, outdoors, not indoors, are vital to energy and vibration. Laughter is the best medicine because of the energy being expressed and the energy being felt by those who are in a group experiencing this. It is possible to relate funny stories and jokes to one another prior to development. This is a positive way to attract positive beings and raise your vibration. Yes, this is often true for you.

Why do I sometimes laugh spontaneously before X and I begin development or right when we begin our hour of development?

This is an attempt by your energy body or often by the spirit or energy person working with you to raise your vibration. It does not mean that you have a negative or poor vibration, only that it is not in tune at all times whit that of the person or being working with you. It relaxes your energy fields and your physical body and allows a much simpler and easier transition of energy and attunement as the work is being done to, for, and around you. Subtle ideas can make this happen though you are often unaware.

What can we do to raise our vibration before we begin development class or any other time that would be useful to you?

Simply focusing on your energy and being aware of what is emanating from every aspect of your being you will slowly begin to develop your awareness and notice how all of these things combine and directly affect how you feel and the world around you. Focusing on the energy of your words and thoughts will bring attention to them and you will see that not all beings are as positive in spirit as they hope to be, though this is acceptable, only know that being aware allows you to change these actions because you have the motivation to do so. Changing them will allow us to communicate easier with you and will radiate to others around you on that you interact with and encounter. I want you to go ahead and ask these questions of one another before you begin your development: Are you happy? What are you thankful for? What was a happy moment or situation that you both experienced together? What was a funny moment that you shared or experienced separately? These things, though they may not be answered with subjects of spirit or the creator, will attune your mind to the wonderful energy and love and joyous feelings that emanate and radiate unwaveringly on our plane. These will be experienced by you only in short bursts on your plane but they are truly identical to what we experience here and what you will feel once out of the physical form.

What is the reason for X’s white spot on her back?

This is only a pigment misinterpretation in this area of the information that was sent to the physical form while it was developing. It is not a mark of disruption or chaos within the body. It is a simple physical misinterpretation. It does have deeper meaning in the sense that there should be reminders to those who are concerned with vanity that it is not important to meet a societal standard of acceptance. There should be a personal standard and a standard envisioned by the creator for the normal healthy living of a body. These small and insignificant blemishes that cannot be altered serve to remind you that all is truly perfect. There is a change in the pigment of your skin, this does not alter your being or cause you to love it less. It simply is.

What psychic abilities will X develop or what abilities does she already have?

X has many abilities and will grow into them in her lifetime. There is much for her that sis done while she sleeps, but as you understand, so must she, that drastic physical changes or alterations of cycles affecting the body cause many working with her to also crate drastic changes to create the energy and focus needed for these abilities. There must be an even keel of emotions, energy, physical body maintenance, diet, and food considerations, as in type, and the resting and self-healing methods and cycles of the body. These gifts can only be truly manifested once the physical and mental meet the spiritual or metaphysical, or any other term that describes the physical meeting with the unseen. A certain dedication is needed by her though some information was predetermined before birth. There are slight hints of these abilities already apparent by her in the stories and events she has shared. This will be magnified and improved and strengthened the more work and time she dedicates for these things. There must be a balance. Every drastic change in cycle of any kind drastically reduces our ability to maintain the ‘symbioses’ of the vessel to allow communication and other processes to take place. Take the time to express love over anger and ingratitude or disdain for current situations, circumstances, or other beings.

What can X do to develop her skills and abilities in spirit communication?

Focus on the cycles of her body. There can be changes and adaptations made for what she feels she is missing but there must be a regular set pattern to follow so that balances and adjustments can be made. Simply changes can be made to create a more routine and complete pattern that will not cause such a great imbalance of energy in her body. There should be a focus and prioritizing of her desires so that what is truly important will be manifested. What do you want? If you wish to create and these gifts flourish there will be some sacrifice. There are no quick and easy roads to your final destination as you wish there to be. There is a certain learning of responsibility that is achieved by not instantly receiving the fit as you see you should. Appreciating it and understanding the seriousness of the process and the ultimate final product is important. You will not expect much but many things are coming should you decide to focus on these things now. You are especially able to see clearly and see those in spirit and those that are around you and around others. A balancing must occur by you for this to flourish. It will not take much time once you being but it must be maintained for certain periods of time in order to allow it to come to be. Patience. He knows what he is talking about. You must decide on your own desires and your own path. Write them down if you must. This has also been told to you before through different means.

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