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From 4/12/11

Please share information about X’s episode, and what caused it, which occurred today around 3:30 PM by our measurement of time.

This was an experience for X which he will be more comfortable with in the future. There is nothing a doctor can remedy as well as what an individual can choose to put into their own body. There is a salt that negatively affects the heart and it can cause physical reactions within the body prevention the natural flow of energy. There is an unnatural amount of this in X’s diet, this should be lessened so to allow a greater natural and harmonious flow of energy within the body for an increase to occur. At present, the lack of water and increase of salt or salt-like products deters some activity of energy for him and an increase in desired weight loss would be achieved should salt be lessened. Understand that some salt is necessary, salt should be in foods you eat though salt only as a preservative is unhealthy for the body. There is energy at work which will need a body with salt to a lesser degree than what is present, water can achieve a balance in the body but salt should also be lessened slightly to prevent build up of energy in this area and any problems which are associated with it. X has strong energy and he will shortly become more aware of this, but the human diet can, in many ways, directly affect the ability and flow of energy. You should experience these things as a road sign on your path as allowing you to take in direct feedback regarding your trip. You shall choose to see a doctor at some point, but as in the past, there is not much they will do to ally your fears. More is done by you, on your own. Energy and healing to this area will balance it. Allow others to heal this area will improve it greatly though you can benefit greatly from short daily meditation on each chakra to allow each to be fully operational and balanced and in line with the others. This would allow this area, your focus on it, the greatest amount of work to be done and allowing it to fully awaken and balance. What you experienced today was a culmination of energy as it works to undo what has been done in the past and in some part your diet plays a role. There is a working out of ideas and memories and this is simply  your body working through them in order to make room for new experiences. The new cannot fully be appreciated when always compared to the past, or what the past is so deeply and emotionally attached to the energy and physical body. You are allowed to forget things, events, and occurrences. The ideas you learned from experiences will be carried with you always and into future events and situations. You will remember all once you leave this plane. You will not have forgotten times, dates, and places. A releasing of energy, a natural expression of what was taking place but also a sign to you of work being done and work yet to be done or areas of focus. Reduce the sodium, increase clear fluids, but do not introduce salt and sugar into these fluids. When desiring taste, introduce those things that are naturally sweetened, not artificially so or purely for enjoyment. Squeeze fruit into your drink, though pure water is the better for regulating. Some tolerance of this on your part is necessary though we can appreciate the tendency for variety and using such things to sweeten or add taste will not harm the process. Remove fear and uncertainty from those corners of your mind where you know it still exists. You have shared much and taught many, you will continue to do this. Imparting wisdom to X before you go may not seem as though it will help him, he will not be immediately ready for it, but many months after you have moved from your present location, these ideas will be appreciated by him. Though, it is acceptable for you to not become too highly involved. Personal privacy and the status of a ‘loaner’ at work is a positive thing because there is much conflicting energy. Though understanding it and how ti flows and why it flows is important to understand for future experiences. Love to all, but it is not necessary to let their energy overburden you. You can touch their lives without being fully altered by the experience to which it may cause you detriment. Help others without demoting yourself of energy. Do not take on the burdens of others, they are for themselves to experience. Guidance and wisdom is for them to consider, your job is to express it. Love is an amazing emotion and expressing it to them is helpful though many may not reciprocate by their exterior because of present attitudes in place. They are still appreciative and understanding though it will take time for them to express gratitude. Do not expect immediate results. It takes much to tear down mountains but a single pebble can begin that change for many. Expressing anger in a positive manner should be understood. It is not necessary to contribute to the anger of others, allow your to be released but in a positive act or turn of energy. Physically taxing work or movement will express this energy without further building and evolving this energy into something greater or without allowing it to become part of some greater collective of energy which might also be similar and a collective negative thought by the group towards one group, several people, or an idea.

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