There are always many reasons people come into your path

From 4/10/11

What can you share about the relationship between X1 and X2?

X is a wandering spirit that is still attempting to adjust to the physical existence. There is much that she will come to know and will grow much and prosper by spirit dimension standards. There is a fostering of ideas that you are able to impart to her, as the planting of seeds of ideas is your main goal and purpose in this lifetime. You will have a much greater understanding of this once you leave this lifetime and can see how the tiny ripple you started in the pond has reached many and caused waves of change throughout the world. There is a time for you to be against the things X is speaking but they are not truly important at any point in time. The ideas and beliefs that you share are important to you and these can be the basic foundations of your conversations as they will serve a higher good than what interests X may presently have or converse with you over. A balance of self is what X is striving for and it is currently manifesting in X’s ability to engender both roles associated with each specific gender or to engage in a relationship and find attractive either gender present on your plane of existence. This is a time for you to actively engage this body in the ideas of the world beyond X’s current scope. This will manifest greatly in X’s coming years. There is a much greater advantage to your having knowledge and imparting to X rather than X attempting to discuss after finding these subjects on X’s own. There are always many reasons specific people come to your path, specifically. Consider this when you are frustrated or lost in the reasoning for a seemingly confusing or awkward set of circumstances. You are able to know the reason.

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