Injury redirection, environmental energy, bi-location, education

For what reason did I experience the left knee injury this past summer?

This was an experience for you which began and ended many things. It was a time to allow you to focus on that which you had already been attuned for or that which you were interested in and that which would give you the greatest reward. Do not feel as though you were off the path planned for you and that is why this has happened. No matter your field or work or interests in your life up to this point there was work being done and life being experienced by you. This was the catalyst for you to allow you to devote time and strengthen and hone your skills. This is a time which may return but you must also dedicate time to the things which you want to strengthen or develop. No putting them aside. You should develop a schedule and allow it to manifest after and while your work is being done. Did you experience pain? You did not. You were emotionally and physical shocked by the noise you heard and the pressure from swelling was very minor. This was not a traumatic injury, it simply allowed you the time to focus and adjust and perceive your journey in a different manner which you bring forth many actions and other endeavors which would not have manifested should it not have happened. There is a reason for this and you are coming to it now on your own.

Can X, or X through a guide, please share information to those on this side?

X was a person who recently died.

This is not something that we can do at this time because this form, this person, is undergoing a change and counseling. This can be done at a later time and a message delivered for those to read on your plane in the human existence. He is not in trouble, he is not being punished. He is not being consoled, he is being refreshed on his life and the experiences he had prior to it in other lifetimes and as a being of pre energy out of the human existence.

Are there environmental or weather circumstances that make the energy during a development class greater?

There are no greater elements that offer higher energy though certain natural elements, when present or immersed in them allow a greater flow of positive energy. Natural elements, when you are present in them, without covering, serve to charge the body and its natural energy and the energy of your true being. While these may be interesting from inside a shelter they do not serve any great purpose if you are not in them. Sunlight, rain, wind, the earth, a fire present within the circle, all have powerful affects on the individuals if they are involved directly or indirectly, not simply enjoying them. Though, enjoying them prior or at anytime may serve to raise the energy and vibration of a person because of the joy or positive feeling the body may experience. All energy is energy, one is not better than another where these natural elements are concerned. One disappears where another presents itself. There is always a balance. There is a time for you to experience these things and often sitting in them will provide you with the energy and wisdom that you need and will provide energy balance that you will need. An extra measure of stone or crystal within an area will serve to charge the atmosphere positively before a class or healing session.

Information I received in regards to my hearing and ears said that they could be healed through bi-location and focus, what did this mean?

There is much information for you when you achieve the ability in this lifetime to locate your physical existence in one area and your true energy being in another. Much information can be accessed this way for you and for others. You should begin working on this and allow time for it daily as to reap the greatest results. You enjoy this and this type of work brings happiness to you. There is no reason to make it second priority.

Can you share information about completing a degree in criminal justice?

There is schooling that should be completed but understand that there are two types you are after. Some will grant peace and satisfaction on your plane in this lifetime and other sorts of education will help you help others and will be carried with you from this life into the next. Though all information is carried this way not all information is necessarily applicable in all lifetimes or from one plane to the next. Your desire to help those is great and you are correct in assessing the needs of the physical body, though pleasure in your work is important. You should reassess your thoughts on this after you complete this degree as this too will provide great satisfaction and remove some doubts and fears that you hold and others may hold regarding your education status. Be patient, all will be unfolded.

Can you share information about my interest in becoming a lawyer?

A lawyer may be enticed with money, you are right that you can help many but this is an understanding that any will not have of you in this position. We understand your need for a schedule and routine though it will not always be necessary for your skills and abilities or your enjoyment and satisfaction in life. Know that you will have greater joy in outdoor environments and there will be a time for you in this area once your physical body is ready. Pursuing this avenue will be a series of lessons though you will have many no matter which direction you turn. An evaluation after your knee is repaired, an evaluation in one year, and an evaluation before any major turn after you begin your studies once more should be undertaken. There is no reason to fear a wrong turn for you are still progressing forward. There is no loss of time. What is not accomplished now is not a loss. There is an understanding in you which you will be able to share with others no matter your chosen interests or work. Understand that it is not the great act that results in the greatest help or work being achieved.

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