Connecting or visiting someone who has crossed over, levitation

From 4/18/11

What can you share about X’s guides and X’s thoughts on her comforter as a mummy on X’s bed every night?

This is comforting for X considering her recent events and thoughts on loss. This is not something that will carry through much longer as it is only a way of coping. X, you are able to visit and speak with X at anytime you wish. There is no physical form for him any longer. This is something that is satisfying to you but you know that you can see him and be with him until it is no longer needed or necessary for you and you can do this without any physical representation on your plane. You should consider the energy that is required of him to perpetuate in your existence though it is not necessary for him to do so. It is much easier for you to visit his plane, though this is only done most often in your hours of sleeping, you will, when you are ready and focus and work on it, visit him, leaving your physical body, taking your energy body to the plane where he currently resides. This is how you should focus your communication with him and where you should focus and base your attention should you wish to speak to him, not a physical vibration. He watches over you at this time and sees the good work that you are doing, however now is the time to begin your great development,. You are capable of much at this time, there is no other door to walk through. You can begin developing, and actually putting your skills to use since, yes, you do already contain and have been given them.

The last time X sent my answers about moving, you said it would be lofty. Was that for levitation?

This spoke to the openness of the apartment and the energy flow within it. Levitation is only necessary once oyou have been using your other skills and abilities and it is not necessary to float several feet from the ground to practice this. You may rise above certain physical objects on your plane so that development and attunement can take place but levitation will not , at least at first, exceed a few fee t from th ground. Lofty should describe the location and openness. There should be an apartment where you are not on a bottom floor or below any others in this building. You should be at the ground single floor or above the rest of the units because of the flow of energy. The apartment should not be small, not grand like a great cathedral or a castle, but open, with space, free of unnecessary physical objects associated with unnecessary attachment. You may see this as sparse but as you work more with your abilities that you currently have you will find less use for them. It will be easier to remove or never move these objects into this apartment rather than to remove them once you see that you have no true use or emotional association with them at a point in the future. There is time for you yet to find this apartment. Speak the truth, no matter what you do. Do not focus on others so much that you lose sight of your own life path.

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