Removing things from the body

The following information is from 4/19/11, and while the questions that were asked may not apply to you it does repeat some information that I have been given earlier. The impression that I get is that you shouldn’t remove things from the body. This may only apply to this situation and this person but the same was also said in a question about an oophorectomy.

Will X have the veins on the back of her legs taken off?

This is not a requirement as we see it for her at this time or any other. This is not necessary for the health of her physical body. There will be a time when unnecessary procedures can take place for the sake of vanity but this time has not come to pass. There is no need to worry about these. Your physical body is conducting business as it should be and there is no reason to concern yourself about negative possibilities which have thus far to show themselves a true problem for you or at any point on your lifetime. There is information and energy in these areas, as there are on every level of every part of your human body, removing anything that does not regenerate or does not regenerate quickly hampers the body on levels which are only now starting to be understood by your medical doctors. They may see the physical body repaired but this is only a small part of the much greater picture of the entity inhabiting the body in that particular human experience. Do not have anything removed from your body at this time. There is no need for this action to take place.

Could X get blood clots if the veins are not taken off?

If this is a concern for you which will not subside without removing these veins you may do so, but no that no real help is being accomplished by their removal. There is energy here, there is information stored on every level of the body to even the smallest particle. Removing anything unwillingly will restart a balancing and chemical process which was begun many, many lifetimes ago and many, many years ago in this existence which you are currently experiencing. Your focus should not be on the physical at this time but on those areas which are unseen by the majority of the human population. These unseen areas and abilities are serving a greater purpose than anything that may be cosmetically changed in your physical body at this time. There is no need for worry or concern in this area. You are fine, you are healthy. You take excellent care of your body. Walking may serve your energy better and lessen any frustration you may feel about any unseen progress in any specific area in which you are focused. Balancing all things is important for you. You are a doctor on another plane. This is where your focus and concern on health matters emanates. So, there is reason and cause for your attention on these things but it is not needed in this plane. X attune all of your thoughts and energies to that which you wish to accomplish and awaken or strengthen in yourself and it will come to you or it will be seen by you where you thought it once did not exist.

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