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From 4/22/11

Will new medicated shampoo help X’s scalp?

There is much that can be done to remedy the problem externally but these will only provide temporary relief or a type of relief that you will become reliant on whatever method you choose in order to keep the ailment at bay. Externally these products only mask the problem. Rather than shampoo, if you decide to use tea tree oil it can be applied correctly onto the scalp with a dropper in small amounts spread over the entire top of the head making sure to keep such fluid out of the eyes. Over s short period of time this will cause the itching to stop when it is used externally. Though the greatest relief will come to you by way of ensuring that the diet is being made up of things that are natural, non-synthetic, and created and made for you for complete health. Be sure to understand that there is much on labels of food that is masked so that a consumer may not at first glance know its identity. You must investigate this information for yourself. Even those things considered healthy will not always have your best interest at heart. There is much gone now that a farmer’s food is not consistently sold locally and many farmer productions are solely for increased gain each year. Many things are modified in ways that they were never intended , these are done purely for monetary gain, where some modification can be made naturally so that it is a legitimate possibility of feeding the hungry across the globe.

Are the itchy spots on X’s face the same thing as her scalp?

The skin is one complete organism and the only factors that cause it to experience different ailments in different areas are moisture, sunlight, and the ability to easily shed dad skin. Because of your hair, this will always be a problem in some regards. Your scalp should be massaged when it is cleaned. Know that it is not always necessary, nor what’s it ever a requirement, to use sops and shampoos. These are purely intended to give a pleasant odor on top of what is considered general cleanliness. You may use deodorant but know that there is no need for cleanliness beyond the use of water and lightly scrubbing with a cloth or loofah brush to remove old skin cells and any dirt this is present. Many chemicals that provide fragrance and appealing color to soaps and shampoos and other products serve no purpose in most cases for your cleanliness and do more, often times, to harm the physical or energy bodies where more time and energy is needed to rebalance and align the processes contained therein. There is no soap that will help. Seek to remedy the inside .first. A temporary perfection can be achieved by using some mild, non-oily, liquid that can be brushed on. Look for pure vitamin E capsules as they can be opened and applied directly to the skin where there is an issue. Lotions that include Vitamin E do not do so to such a degree that it helps your body. This is like chap stick for the lips and only masks the problem until such time that you do not focus on it or that it is no longer being caused by some internal or external reason. Smooth hands are not necessary., vitamin E can be used to sooth cracking from cracking in extreme dryness of winter or excessive washing, but in this case, we repeat to you, that a soap is not necessary, washing it is needed with water, soap aggravates. Soap marked mild or gentle is no better at not aggravating the natural process of the skin. Many, many, centuries ago there was not widespread use of soap, and though many would be believe that there was much disease purely for this reason, it is not the case.

Is the white cream that X uses on her face working or does she need something else?

There should be a focus for the inside processes of the body. As before, there is nothing externally that will remedy the problem. There is much that can be done by diet and much tat will be released through the skin that you cannot simply wipe away with some cream or external application of remedy.

Would the itch cream for seborrheic dermatitis that X saw at X help her in any way?

Lotion is lotion. For you, and with many others, there is a comfort in taking some type of action, but in many areas of life it is simply allowing the process to work, letting go and trusting, that will do the most good. You can use creams but they will only hide the problem and may not convince you to take the additional steps necessary to correct this problem with long-term results and to completely erase the problem. There is an energy building here and will be released, it is important to simply experience it and make correction internally where you know how. Sitting by idly is acceptable in many cases as you have time to reflect and focus on the journey, even the smaller paths such as your skin concerns. This is a test for you as you might call it, simply allow the external to be as it is. Focus on the internal. Focus on what is being built and what already exists within you. You will create the highest good, for physical and energy of yourself by tending to your diet and all that is included as the ingredients as your food. Ignore nothing. Leave nothing to chance, examine old habits and ask others for further evaluation to ensure that you have the proper unbiased perspective on the issues. There is new information now and coming forward about the healthfulness of many substances and it is important to heed to most of these because what is not purely the vegetable or the fruit or the meat, can have terrible consequences on the body. There should be more basic foods and less processed and chemicalized foods.

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