Future companion

From 4/30/11

X’s future companion he will meet in (new location), can any information be given concerning a name, physical description, location, etc.?

This is information that should not overly concern you at this time. There will be a woman who is slightly shorter than you, she will have dark hair. She will be like-minded. You will meet her while you are both engaged in a mutual interest. Know that if per happenstance, you do not meet, you two will not cross paths again but it will not interfere with your plan and your experience while in (new location). There is a great melting of minds and spirits that will take place if this union comes to be. There is a good deal of energy and wisdom that will be brought forth for others because of the energy that both of you will pour into these subjects and the happiness and love that you will share in together. This will be a bond that may be tested from time to time but there will never truly be a circumstance that exists that can break it. You are worried, do not be. There are more than lonely walks on the beach for you once you arrive and become acclimated to the new surroundings and the environment. There will be a second move for you but it will be within (new location). Her path may cross yours at this second location. This is the area in which you are truly at peace. Though it is possible to move to this location now, it is one that you have discussed, but there is not as much preparation and plans that can be made prior to driving to this location that will serve your mind being at ease. You are quite capable of leaving your home now, or at the time you have seen fit, and drive to this state and setup shop for yourself where you see fit. There is no need to plan, think of the adventure and excitement that you will experience not knowing. There is no reason to feel anxiety. You are that prepared mentally and emotionally that there is no reason to worry or fear once you leave the confines of your present home or present employer. All things that are coming to you have already been set in motion. They cannot be disturbed out of your path. A time is needed for you to allow old energy to be excised, literally and mentally, from the body. Do not be hasty. Anyone who is truly for your highest good will not leave your path simply because you are hesitant, patient, or unwilling to jump head first into uncharged territory. Relax, you are beginning a new adventure, don’t miss the sights and sounds because you are too focused on the blue prints. Plan some things, leave others to be decided as they feel right for you. Even when choosing something on the day you arrive you are able to take time, remove yourself from the situation temporarily, think for yourself, and then return an answer the man asking it. Those seeking to make deals are only serving their own wallets and this is not a negative area for you, but understand that their concerns are not the same as yours. Remove yourself from their office, their domain, sit for a moment, evaluate, and then proceed with oyour decision. You have a great power within you that will come more fully into its being as you move south to your destination. Energy and distractions will acclimate themselves accordingly to provide you with a healthy environment. Your focus should not fall once this beauty enters your world. There will be an enchanting period between you both after mutual interest are discussed. You will know.

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