Hands-on healing, distant healing, absent healing, healing straight from guides

Is there any difference in the type or amount of energy received between hands-on healing, distance healing, and healing sent straight from a spirit  being or spirit guide?

The reply was communicated to me from my spirit guides:

There is no difference in this type of healing. Often there are other factors that create differing energy creations through various types of healing but this can have the same impact no matter what modality is selected to begin healing or what method is used to request it.

More is done through the mind in these areas than what is currently acknowledged, that is not to imply that there is no energy that is being sent or that there is no direct influence when healing is being sent. A large factor in the healing or repair process of any situation or ailment is due in large part to the mindset in which the receiver is currently residing. Healing can be sent to anyone but will not have the greatest impact on someone who is not already believing or manifesting their healing. To constantly say “no” will detract from any results because you are directly reversing the energy that is working within your body and that energy which is being created and delivered to you.

There is work being done to share this into the world but there are many who only see what is tangible, this energy is tangible and the results are tangible, though because it is not necessarily the same physical action and process of taking a pill or directly intervening, they cannot see the process nor the energy nor the healing that is taking place.

There is pain in the world and no matter what method is delivering it, they all express the same love and desire to remedy a situation. This world is impacted by beings, even those who are idle physically, their minds still create. They have the potential to move mountains if they focus their own minds on it for just a few moments per day. By this token, you can imagine the great power of many if they use several minutes of their day or several hours of their day focusing on a desired outcome. This is not hocus-pocus, there is no magic button that creates the thought into being.

All things that exist or that have been or that will ever be, no matter how they are expressed, by thought, by physical production, or by any other means – all of these things are built from the same matter, pure energy, it is only the type of energy the focus on it that changes and creates it in the many different forms that you see and experience.

There is no need to worry, all will be explained, there will be many more that will express this type of interest and come to this type of understanding in the near future. All is dependent on those that are here and have the ability or knowledge. Look to yourself to express these ideas into the world, they cannot all nor cannot always happen by subtle spirit whisperings. You may face persecution but there is nothing less sacred by you sharing these ideas and facing pressure and scrutiny by those around you. Those that express this emotion to you are only doing so out of fear and ignorance, temporary ignorance. Those who are not part of your path will not reside in, on, or around it permanently.

You can share this information and will share a new world with others. All is energy; the intention to heal is what is important. Many (in spirit) come during a healing session. Many who are capable. Those who practice this skill often will receive more assistance and more direction and more who can bring energy directly through their channel. It is not better or different, there is simply more work being done with there is not a human delivering this energy on behalf of spirit to another human.

The healer, the channel, this person must have practice and skill, this is able to be delivered through them by focus and through the differing vibration that they may have acquired through mediation and the practice of healing. Anything you wish to practice or become better skilled in is achieved by returning to it often and allowing your body and energy to acclimate to it repeatedly as well as this gives practice and acclimation and balancing time for those in spirit who are coming to deliver the requested help, healing, or other balancing or information.

Yes, it is quite possible to heal all ailments through healing, it is only the mind or repetitious detrimental acts that stand in the way. More hands on will allow more energy, more thought directed towards the positive outcome creates more energy. Skillful are those who practice and attune their minds, thoughts, words to the healing and unconditional love the universe has to offer.

There is no sadness, only differing views.

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