How information is given from a guide to a medium or other person

From 5/7/11

What is the basic process that occurs when a spirit guide in one dimension transfers information to a medium in our dimension? How many sprits must be involved to form the energy required for this process?

The energy required varies depending on the manner of the manifestation. There are many present but not all contribute in the same manner. Much is done to prepare an entity for transference of information prior to the transfer taking place. There are energy adjustments and chemical alignments necessary for most communication. Many can return to your plane without much assistance and complete this tasks, others need to have this work done at a later time or a retuning because of the detriment caused to the body by living this physical existence. No matter if it is done on the earth or it is done prior to birth, the same work is done, again, in addition, this process may be restarted or recalibrated due to the spirit’s ability to manipulate the body negatively through physical means. There are separate entities which will work with each being in order to deliver information. Often times there is not one singular person or entity conveying this formation. Many of those on your plane who are capable of giving information may assign a name to the messenger, or they may assume it is their highest or closest companion from this world as you live in yours. They may use this name but this is not the sole entity that brings information for them to share. During communication there may be the use of the guide to relay the information or the information may be direct from the chosen entity. Often a guide or sprit advisor from the questioner will provide information. The process in this regard depends highly on the vibrational level of the channel as well as the congruence between the sprit guides in question. Some may be harmful or otherwise incompatible with the channel, these will not be allowed within proximity of the channel, though they may converse with the spirit guides or observers of the channel. The energy may come from our plane or it may come from yours, in most events there is a combining of energy,. More energy is needed depending on the method of communication manifestation that is being used. Each required different energy and different types. There may be a greater need for energy drawing from your world, or from ours. On your side this can from from other willing physical living participants, or the ambient energy that is existent in air, earth, water, the natural life giving elements. There is much that you do not know about this and we will do our best to share and enlighten you. Though you must understand that there are many terms and processes which may compound your confusion or illicit such a reaction from your curiosity that there will be only further questioning to a point where no discernable information can be gathered by you because of the subtle processes used and their explanations. Know there is much to transfer energy, all actions and thoughts are energy. They are transferred quit similarly as you would transfer a telephone call to another part of the world. A connection is created, a vibration must be raised in the channeler and the ability to focus on the task being conducted is important. It is important to maintain the human body of the channel. Much information is shared when the difference in energy is similar or reaching a closer point. There are those on this side, our side who can make this difference less and less with little effort, and for some it takes many entities working together to bring about this lowering and raising of energy to facilitate a closeness in mind and harmony and resonance so that the thought transfer can be conducted and maintained. Various means of communication all take part in the same way, through it is the physical body that may interpret it as hearing, feeling, or seeing, simply because these are the areas which have been focused and energy directed. There are other specific types that may be accomplished but all work on the same basic principles. A channel is created, then a thought, the energy, travels that communication pathway to the human body, containing a spirit in the human existence, and the information is shared. In the same manner, trance, trance will take place but rather than share your thoughts with that person expressing the skill to channel information and messages, the thought is not transferred, the physical energy of the entity is traversing the pathway and inhabiting the physical body, or they are able to use the pathway to send their energy through, as a telephone may be picked up and listened to and spoken to, this is true for manipulation of the pathway to deliver information. There is no need to worry about your communication. It is clearer, there will be an impact on your energy field to allow trance communication to take place. It may be possible to complete this skill at a later date, while in the absence of any other human, and verified using a recording device. This can build your skill and efficiency. Later you will have this ability to share with others. You are close to this now. There is much being done in your physical body and energy field to align your energy and physical makeup to allow this to take place. Questions could be asked now during your development but it is imperative that the mind not overshadow the physical or energy bodies and that the mind not jolt the physical body and make it completely aware of what is taking place. Intend for your communication to take place, allow and give permission for those you wish to energy to enter and those who are permitted to communicate with you should be given your permission to do so. There will only be a select few who can communicate through you, though they have information from many sources, they are not limited. These entities will begin to attune themselves to you and have begun to work on this process in subtle ways within your energy system. It is important to maintain the diet to allow proper nutrition for this to take place without the distraction of the energy contained within these foods. Many guides and companions, working towards the same mission, will accomplish the same task, all is energy, this is the manner in which it is transferred. It may be many times before the energy is transferred successfully but this process is the same for delivery of any manifestation. Physical manifestation is, again, the transfer of energy, though a different type. They are being used, the energy of the channel, to bring forth the entity so that they may manipulate the physical energy of the human body and extract from it what is necessary to create a physical apparition. Each time a communication or manifestation takes place this communication channel is created. You can see it as a tunnel or a tube between two separate destinations, depending on the work that has been done to maintain this channel or tube, the information coming through will vary, this too is depending on the mind of the individual channel and what they hope to achieve, what they have worked to achieve, and what they will allow to achieve. All is, as always, dependent on the mind.

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