Shadow people

What are the entities that we on the earth plane call “shadow people?”

Shadow people are an extension of energy on your plane. There is much that they do to extract energy to allow their existence to take place. There is much that every entity does to absorb energy and this is most easily absorbed through energy of a heightened emotional state. It is important to know that any emotional state can express energy but that energy which in some situations is most often or most easily expressed is of anger, hate, rage, and other forms of discord. It is also important to consider the types of energy you emanate and the energy of the entity that is manifesting as a dark figure. Simply because it appears as a shadow does not mean that it is negative. It only absorbs and gravitates to the energy in which it is harmony with.

There are some who are only able to manifest in your plane in the matter of apparition. They are not more or less skilled in their lifetimes but they can be found in areas where the energy and discord are great. Even where energy is not evident in a physical expression of discord they can be present because of discord of thought and mind. A person may experience great discomfort or confusion of the mind and not share it with the surroundings and those around himself. There is much done to the body to alleviate these types of energy build ups but the repetitive nature or the inability to make change to allow a permanent shift is often too great and this energy is expressed into the environment because of their pattern of thought or behavior. Simply because it is dark it is not more dark in motives it is simply manifesting in the manner in which it is able.

More will see them because of the mind shift that is taking place for many, many are also slowly coming to their ability and using it, the ability to see what is not readily visible in the spectrum of light and color that most humans and physical forms can see.

Though there is also much that they have simply chosen to ignore or even dismiss as trivial and nonexistent. It is important to know that those that emanate a shadow-like existence cannot ultimately control anything on the physical plane. They too can emanate energy and their presence can be seen but they do cont contain the power to alter anything on the physical plane. Their purpose is often one personally set by them and many are not aware of their crossing over or that they should have. There are some areas where planes bend or energy from time is left in an area. These are also expressed in these ways because it is a form that is muted in energy and can only be expressed in this way. To remedy these energy areas, simply direct the attention of your guides to it.

You may also send this entity and the energy the message that it is important to move from the area as their presence is not needed. Some will respect this information, though many will not receive it when they are only able to produce or exist in the shadowy form that is seen. It can interact with you but not in a detrimental way. Sending love to any entity or form of life has the greatest impact on the existence of the sender and the receiver. Important updates will come regarding the manifestations that can be seen. More figures of notoriety will acknowledge and examine them. There will be more information later concerning this.

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