When will clairvoyance, clairaudience, and trance manifest?

From 5/1/11

There was a part in here, it says ‘connubial bliss.’ I kept seeing two people holding hands, so I’m assuming that’s what it meant. I was trying to think of how to say what I was seeing. I think connubial has to do with marriage though. I sort of knew what it meant before, but it popped in, I guess that’s what they were meaning.

X is working on clairvoyance, clairaudience, and trance. When will he be manifesting these spiritual gifts? What will be the best way to use these gifts to serve humankind?

There is much being done in the physical body to make changes and pave the way for these gifts to unfold. You have been glimpses of them now and communication with us is possible, as you have experienced more and more in recent years. Just as you receive information for writing material so can you receive information for those in your presence. As you may receive questions in digital format, in letters, or in person, simply take a moment to reflect, call for us, though one is always with you, there are many more who can provide their insight when they are present and know of your intention to provide information to another soul in the earth plane. There is a time for you that these will come to unfold and develop immediately for you. The last hurdle for you is achieving tranquility in living area and in that which consumes the majority of your waking hours, your work. These areas should be focused on when you are moving locations and focusing to ensure that there is a harmonious environment and balance to that where you live. It is of vital importance that the emotional body be not controlled by the emotions of others in your new place of working. There is time to practice this now. Emotions should not be ignored, but it is important to not reach heighted states simply because of the motivations or stirrings of others. You may not at first deliver information wile in trance. You will, at first receive the information and then impart that information to others or through writing which may reach only a few but others may reach several. There is much work being done and you have made great strides to progress your human form and energy onto these areas. It will be important for those who are unaware of your ability to experience the skills, not only for witnessing them, but to convey the message that we and the creator all know and wish to share, that is the message of love, the message that when one grows we all grow, that we are all connected. Through these there will be ripples that expand out and contribute to the release of dogmatic religious texts as the only foundation of believing. There will be many who look to your work as a guide and as the explanation for what they do not yet understand. Just as the bible should be used as a guide book to bring a mind to eventual independent thinking, so will your wisdom and writings be a stepping stone for individual creative and critical thinking regarding the processes of the human existence and those that relate to the true nature of death and progression of the energy body. There are times when this may become difficult or overwhelming for you but understand that this is now your path, you have brought yourself to it, you have been working a great deal and countless hours have been placed in this area by you, showing your dedication, this, currently, is rivaled by none who will be doing similar work. Develop your diet further, learn to balance emotions, physical, and the brain with knowledge. These areas will support the skills that are currently developing in you. There is greater energy and tranquility present and possible in your future places of residence. These will be used for your abilities. There will be a group which will contribute much to new ideas and techniques. Though they may be off-putting at first, it is necessary to expand the toolbox or even to experience a new name for an old motivation. There is nothing lost by any method so long as the correct intention is used. Many great things, this is as a sojourn might be to a holy land for others, this will be the outcome for you. Each person is touched in large and small ways. It is possible to use information that you are given to impart to those, as you have done in the past, who may not otherwise ask or be interested. They do not need to know of your ability, they only need t know the information. More are willing. More are in need. Those you encounter will be fortunate to have your presence because of the patience and understanding and temperance, but also the insight you will provide later after meditation and questioning for spirit the reasons for their circumstances. It is not always important to put all of your cards on the table in new relationships no matter what level they serve or their purpose be coworker, friend, foe, or for connubial bliss. Keep writing. As one chapter ends you will be inspired independently as well as by spirit to convey messages. There is high possibility to earn much from the release of this information while also sharing it. The purpose of sharing should be your goal. Know that you and the impression received unto others will at times only be a drop in their bucket, but as the world changes there will be many other sources working in your field, with like minds, and similar motivations, where an individual will get many seeds and eventually tip the scales, fill the bucket, and release their full potential. Not all will be sharing messages, the comfort of knowing the death transition and the ability to release fear from a vengeful being or rotten afterlife will have a tremendous impact on those you encounter. They may want to develop a connection for communication to spirit but many will find comfort in the reasoning for circumstances and the workings of this world and that beyond it. The occurrences that they experience will lead them to the path away from fire and brimstone and you can be the chaperone that will lead them the first few steps on this new journey. They cannot become dependent on you A new collaboration will be experienced in this area which will unlock a great deal of information for you. More like minds coming together to build power. Concentrating, acknowledging. Focus. You are always living to make progress or develop your ability, not simply when you call on it to happen.

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