Populating the earth, what information can be shared with others

From 5/9/11

How was the earth first populated? How was the earth first populated with the human form we have presently? Was there an outside influence or population that impacted the earth and its type of population?

This is an ever changing dynasty in terms of life and existence on the plane in which you currently reside. There have been many forms. Though many are not truly dependent on the spirit that inhabits them there have been changes to allow for greater interrelationships between the life forms and for subtle returns to the higher planes that are accessible by all. There are many things that have contributed to the expansion of the race of human beings that are currently on the planet. You are not here for punishment, you are here for growth. The physical properties, the chemicals, your DNA, are made up of many different living things. There have been outside influences to all of humanity and to specific races. Many differences you see now in humans and their origins refer and include many interferences or bondings from beings outside this planet you currently reside. Many of these interferences were to attempt to eliminate things that were defects caused by your own manipulations or through processes. It is not important to know the complete history but to know that you are a conglomeration in this form of many inputs and outcomes that have been experienced by men since they were first inserted here and filled with the energy being needed for growth and expansion. It is possible to say that those here need more growth than others but this is untrue because all are growing, there is no top at which you begin laziness and idleness because you have stopped working, there is not a point at which work is done, there is not a point at which you cease a purposeful existence. There is a time when there will be more information shared about this. You can find some of these texts in your world presently but there is much information that was unfiltered and unexplainable by those receiving the information so it will not be as clear as you wish it were to have been received. It is important to know that you are not alone. No matter the type of being or entity, or even with comparison to those on your plane that are living things, all share basic building block concepts to allow the physical form to be produced. There are many creatures on your plane that were brought from other areas to allow assistance and guidance and understanding to be experienced. These have been experienced by many as other worldly creatures though all are from the creator be they directly from that creation or from the manipulations of off earth beings who have brought a creation to it. All share the same building concepts. There is not a change in entity complexity because of the physical appearance. Many are the same. Many are able to communicate with you. Just as there should be no hate or worry between life forms on our planet there should be no worry of those from beyond it. Many have come to help you. You are the planet that we are all waiting to catch up. It is possible to consider that greater improvements need to be made here but improvements need to occur throughout all of creation that is or ever shall be. There is no need to worry on the purpose of your existence, you are here experiencing. You should find joy in things and attempt to share into the world that which you know to be good. It is not important to expand your knowledge in the ways of healing arts any further, you now realize that these are all the same. There is much that is the same on your plane when compared to what is seemingly different. All things that exist are energy, all thoughts are energy, all things conveyed through seemingly mystic abilities are energy. We are all energy. All are the same. It is more important to learn about how this energy is transferred through its various forms. Learning the properties of vibrational patterns will assist all in knowing the difference between what is seen and what is unseen. The properties of mankind are simple building blocks and many are learning of these things now. It is important to know that there are men who will work to defeat this because of the constructs of man and how tightly they grasp to the aspects of these that consider themselves more important than others and give only the ability to degrade others within them. It is important to lift up others. All truly wish to be raised in a so-called spiritual evolution, a learning in your true body in concepts, but many are on different paths and will come to this knowing at different times. There are great spans of time within a lifetime for an awakening to take place, much also takes place upon review of a lifetime once a being as exited your plane. Change is coming for many. There will be an exceptionally rare case that will make the difference for many. This will be a matter of origin for many. Cases are what many need to bring these topics to the forefront of human existence and consideration , though through these methods there is no scientifically based information, it is up to the receiver of information to allow these thoughts to ring true for themselves. Some will not achieve this in this present lifetime. Changes will be coming to you. Often the sweetest spiritual involvements are those that many take for granted. Look into the little things. Experience all things great and small. As moderation in ingestion of food, so in the experiences of lie. Keep reading and understand that work of those who have studied the unseen, those that are involved in notoriety and those who are yet discovered by the mass populations of the world. This work is important to share. It is important to work for the change that any one of you wish to bring forth in the world. It is important to find the means necessary to do so. There is nothing wrong with speaking out against that which is unjust or unfair. It is more hipocriful to speak on true things and then use idleness to allow them to continue to exist. It is not important to battle with your brethren, it is important only that they understand the views and facets of ideas that come from what appear to be opposing sides on an issue. There are many who will speak out when the actions of one spurn a few to the cause. Comfort and adaptability allow laziness. Adapting is important, overcoming obstacles is important, it is important to have motivation, but there is much that the minds of those who are enlightened or have the ability to become this manner of thinking, there is much that they simply accept or choose to ignore. It is time to change these things. A sign, the world spoken, simply not accepting the action of others, inaction often promotes others in viewing you as accepting of those actions which are not truly beautiful or just. It is important to make more waves so that more can receive them. It will spread out around you. Share peace. Share those things which you hold dear and true, many can be broken free from the bonds of their thinking when they are held in the same respect that you wish to be kept in. Manifestos that explain in very concrete terms what differences there are in minds that one can concern themselves with are important. Explain away their ability to cling to old values and seemingly just morals that do not hold true and have never held true contrary to what they believe has been past down to them with the greatest of intentions. It is not important to preach, but it is important to make the information widely available. Some are on the cusp now and are seeking a light, a beacon, something that will allow their information stores to peak and create in them the new information for the world. Small ripples in your area of influence, where you can emanate these ideals is important. Each will reach many and those ideas will be spread. It is important to be confident. Confident and professional and true in your beliefs are important. Do not return the same attitudes that you do not wish to receive. Allow greater growth to occur in those that you have not expected much from other than stagnate thinking. Peace will come but there must be work. Frustration and anger at the reactions of few will be experienced. It is important not to become swayed from your goals and your own personal truths because they are questioned by others. Fear nothing except your actions that were left undone. Make it available. The kindness which emanates from those who have this understanding will find others to approach you even after you have felt as though you have been defeated in battle. There is much learning, much progress. You have this knowledge, now you should seek to share it further, share it with others. There is much they simply do not know because they have not been told this information. They are not aware of the full potential. Learning is important. There is much information that those on a non-physical plane can share but there is only certain actions and physical interference that can be brought forth by those living in your plane. Destruction and irreversible actions are not always irreversible but there is much that is catastrophic that will occur, through there are many that are stopped by the beliefs of others and by the energy from the non-physical world. It is important to not remain silent. There will be a clash of ideas, but these will not be permanent. You will see that peace is not always at the forefront of those who claim to be peaceful and who state they are peace-bound for their soul’s highest good. There are many in this belief=set that will find it troubling what you’re saying. There will be difficulty, but there will be difficulty with all. To push the energy of this planet into a new era is important for all who will come to it and for those who are aware of it. Your spaceship is your planet, it must be maintained. Idleness should be removed from your thoughts and set of available actions. Happiness can be experienced by all. Move beyond suffering. Focus on the good that each person contains within their potential that was given unto them simply be experiencing this lifetime. Personal skills will come about accordingly. No unjust actions, only unjust inaction.

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