Moving beyond automatic writing, hitting an owl.

From 5/8/11

Using automatic writing, or automatic typing at present, what can I do to develop my ability so that I can give information without having to type it? How can I develop/strengthen clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience?

This process is for you to clam your mind. You must focus it and allow it not to become directed by any one area, thought, action, or impression. You should focus your mind so that a distraction does not need to take place. Information can be given and it can be received but there should be some recording device so that it is retained later for yours and others inspection. It is important for you to retain these records for inspection in the future and for statistical proposes. These will help you, they will develop patterns for you to reference and from which measurements can be taken for your own benefit for improvement as well as for others. You can deliver information now but it is often not realized as information because of the mind’s interference. A meditative or quite state can be entered and the same information asked and same information received. You can give readings. You need time to allow your mind to develop and retain lengthy information and the ability not to let your own voice interfere with or distract you. It is important to take this time now to develop a strong foundation. Develop the ability to ask these questions and receive them in the same way, ask them aloud. Write down what you get, what you are going to say, before, and after. Focus the mind. Developing into a medium of any sort is no process to rush. There is work being done to develop this in you but we must allow your physical body to understand and process these changes. You will not always be tied to the laptop. You will be able to sit at a table and have a conversation with the subject in front of you as well as receive information from us. It is important to learn to develop a communication channel now, this process will become easier in the future. It will be second nature for you. There is no time like the present to start seeing. Simply luck around you, acknowledge what you see, continue to convey to us what you believe or what you are truly seeing. You will know what is true and accurate. It is important to write these impressions down and track them because of the manner in which your mind works and does not currently retain all information. Sit in a room, in the dark, and be aware of your surroundings. Ask questions aloud, you will receive information. Stare into the darkness, you will see information. Write these down once a short session has ended. You will begin to experience visions and impressions away from your laptop and these will become stronger with use. Your group around you, there is not much that any of you need to do to become stronger or to flip the switch and activate the skills of communication you are hoping to achieve. It is simply a matter of utilizing wihat is within you and making your mind aware of it throughout the day. You can achieve these skills now. It is not a large preparation process for anyone of you at this point. This is some development that is still taking place and will always taking place but at this time it is important to begin using these skills. A child can read about swimming to create a foundation of learning, but it is by entering the pool that they will become well versed in the process and become stronger swimmers. When you first enter the pool the strength is not immediately present, only after using your skills and experiencing it firsthand will you discover your full potential.

On at least two occasions I have hit or come close to hitting an owl while driving at work at night. Is the owl a message? Is the owl something I should pay attention to?

The owl for you is a symbol of power and authority. There is no sense in your attempting to fight the constraints that you must work within in order to accomplish your other areas of interest. It is important to learn that there will be friction by others no matter what profession or area of interest you wish to pursue. There is no reason to fight them, there is the matter of your won interest that should not be impacted. It is important to study and follow your own direction, not that of which you feel others wish you to pursue. There is an ultimate message for you regarding this, there is a time to go in peace, remember to live in harmony with your surroundings, that is to say, balance should be achieved. There is no need to rush about attempting to please those that will never be happy unless there is an ability by them to cast control over you. If these cannot be avoided it is best to allow your exterior to show that you are on board with their ideas while you still maintain control and function over your own life. It is not important to share that you are circumventing their authority. There is no need to announce or present that. You must have the exterior tosme (?) of someone of great power and leadership. You have this now but it must not be deteriorated while you are not presently in that position. You must not let your actions be swayed by those comments and actions around you of those who are in command. It is important to speak your mind, but remember, as you have said, will it matter at a later time. There is no need for unnecessary anger. It is not part of your plan to change those around you. You cannot change their ability to perceive all that is taking place. It is better for you at work to maintain the status quo and work within their framework to bring about the change you wish to see. You can excel in this area while still maintaining time for your own endeavors. Leave no areas available where they can distrust you, the impression is what is important to them, they will not check deeply, it will not take much to win them over. You can still balance your time with their time and achieve great things in both areas. Peruse the work of others and find balance between those who are currently involved in problems or being seen as those who have doubt cast upon them and balance it with those who accomplish things no matter the situation. There is balance in both situations. Document your work. All that is required from you is documentation. There is no need to be overzealous as some in the case of your work partners. It is easy to become isolated, you can isolate yourself for the sake of isolating yourself from problems, but do not cut off communication as this will be required in the future. No communication can spell disaster for some, it is all they can see and experience, the communication words. They will not see your physical expressions or those actions that you share with others through energy and thought. Others will come to it over time.

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