Extraterrestrial presence

From 5/22/11

At what point will the extraterrestrials that have come to assist humankind make themselves officially known to the people and governments of Earth?

There is much that has been done to create an atmosphere that will have beings from off the planet received more readily. There are those that have had sightings that are unexplained and this is being done in hopes that it will foster the ability for these people to welcome them and not assume that it is an attack on their Earth. There is much that is being discussed as more and more living on the Earth have witnessed unexplained events in the sky but there should be more done, and will be done, to prepare this into the minds of those who are less readily open and welcome to it. It is important that there be less doubt of the possibility, it is not important that all believe in sentient life but the ability to conceive the potential for other life is important. They need not believe that we are the singular race in the cosmos; this is an old habit that is dying slowly. There are those who have visions and experiences and as soon as they look at these events more critically, to go about the process of examining them deeper, they will see that this was not a random event or something that they can dismiss as a random event. More and more these discussions are taking place by those who would have before been uncomfortable brining this news to the open. There are many who share these beliefs, that share a knowing, that there are beings beyond that of the Earth and can exist in the same manner of your physical existence here. It will take a time of great upheaval before they will render themselves available in physical form and directly available on the steps of any government building. At present, they will be coming to you once there is greater seemingly chaos or events that cause disorder of those that would cause harm or seek to control their existence. It will take some time yet before they re physically witnessed on the ground by large numbers of life forms on the earth. They will come, in your lifetime, Alex. You will see them, not to the degree of the final outcome, but you will see them. We are with you and they are aiding and guiding you. You will see them in more ways than you have before and not simply through subtle glimpses as you have before. Waking to this knowledge is important for those who will be experiencing it. There are many who have always known there would be contact and information shared between life on earth and that which does not come directly from it in the present form. There are others who are coming to this knowledge now and will experience it with greater ease when more share information between those that have known and those that have only recently known. It is important to continue your patience for there are many who will need to be made aware of the possibility simply because they have never conceived such a possibility, not simply because they do not believe, but because they have never considered that as a potential outcome. It is important to know that there are many who say that there will be violent entities, alien creatures who wish to do harm to the earth or enslave it. This is not true. The only entities that shall interact with any life on this planet will be peaceful and of an evolved degree that will only allow sharing of information for the improvement of all that inhabit it at the time they disclose themselves. There is not a time when the earth will be enslaved by outside beings. There are some who wish to manipulate for their own good, just as there are any energy beings or those on the earth in human form, who have goals and motivations that are less than desirable. It is important to know that there is much done to create a peaceful intervention so that no outside negative influence interferes with the earth, this is in the same manner that your own guide, the one who is with you at all times, is present and shields you when you ask and combines the vibration of your energy and physical bodies with their own energy which is readily available to protect you. Know that it is possible that there are outside influences that obscure facts and truths and whisper negative motivations to some that are in power. It is only because they make themselves susceptible to it that this occurs. We do not offer assistance where none is wanted or asked for. The beings who have succumbed to this outside influence will be gone when these true beings make their presence known. There will be a peace in the aftermath and they will help to user in a new type of technology and inner being and beliefs for those who are present. Time is short for the waiting period which will take place, know that there is work being done to expose those open to it in a more direct fashion than what was done a century ago.

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