True prayer

From 5/29/11

How does one say or bring forth true prayer so that it can have an impact on their life, family, mother earth and all those we share the universe with?

This is a matter of your intent. Select your outcome; envision it as you would enjoy it coming to fruition. Ask that energy be sent so that it is done. This is the same manner by which healing or other energy is transferred. You can send energy to it. You can repeat your statement of intent in your mind as often as you wish. This will radiate out from your body and deliver the energy into the universe. The fact that your mind is power that constructs the universe around you this is doing the same.

Your energy emanates from all around you. Know that some things will not be interfered with and there are some that may ultimately change because of the energy directed by you and others towards it. It is only necessary to speak the positive outcome you wish. It is possible that you ask your guides questions and receive answers directly or in some physical manifestation on your plane. It is only necessary to have in your mind the vision of the completed outcome that you wish to achieve.

The asking of prayers for others is as simple as asking for prayers or positive outcome for yourself in some certain situations. Simply settle your thoughts on the outcome or action you would like to see and visualizing this energy leaving your body and affecting the universe for the positive development of this event, action, feeling, will contribute greatly to it. This act is done with all thoughts that you hold true and visualization helps the physical body and the physical mind perceive the true nature of what is attempting to be created. It is not always necessary to visualize, simply settle on your intention, your desired actions and outcomes. The energy will be released simply by your repetitive thought energy or worlds spoken. It matters not how this outcome is affected by your energy if it was never meant to be. There is much that relates to some general and basic plan and goals can be met no matter what path you take, they can be received in many forms, so fear nothing of skewing your original purpose in this lifetime by altering an event through your power of thoughts and energy. There are some that will not be changed and others that can be changed. Realize that for some, no matter what energy you wish upon them, there will not be change until they are ready for this and accept it and desire it.

It should be known that there are many who are positively impacted by your energy even though the desired outcome is not presently visible or measurable. There is power in numbers. There is great power in groups of spirits who wish the same positive outcome, though in some cases, it is not possible to intervene because the will of so many is that someone be saved or otherwise from some act or timeline of events. Simply see yourself as you wish the events to take place. Radiate love into the event; radiate the vision from your body into the world. Allow these things to be expressed by you and they will flow more easily into others when the situation is desired. Appreciation of those things which have manifested only serves the higher self as it is seen that you are not dabbling for the surface’s sake, not addressing a cause or issue simply for vanity or other impermanent reasons. To appreciate an outcome or situation is to be able to rely on this in the future.

Thoughts are no less ignored simply because gratitude is not shared, but the appreciation of such gifts is important. This is much in the same way that one should appreciate the senses and everything in their present world. Allowing full appreciation allows deeper understanding of the true nature of that which is appreciated and the reasons and purposes for it. You now know the reasons for your existence but there are many intricacies of this. Appreciating each aspect of yourself only shares into it the greater energy and understanding that has come with your full awareness of this. Appreciating something, an aspect, an emotion, appreciating this in another person only serves to amplify this in yourself and within that person. Simply by your perception it is amplified and through the energy exchange process. It is important to learn all things that relate to the senses and the body and allow them to be experienced.

Do not become a mind on ‘autopilot’ for this process may lead to deterioration in these areas when attention is not paid to them. The correct prayer is the one full of universal positive creation, that which is done without vanity, without attempting to change the events for personal gain and selfish interests. When those reasons are the motivations the desired outcome may be reached but there are other areas that will need to be addressed. This is often why it may appear that luck befalls many people only to have one problem after another after another. They may also give you the impression that their life is running smoothly and you may view them as being very fortunate.

You are all fortunate, but there are some who hide the strain that is present in their life because of the ‘ill gotten reward’ lessons for each individual appear in many forms. Each has free will and often the lesson or teaching situation is tailored to that specific lifetime and specific instant. Simply because you choose a differing job than what you first intended does not mean that you will have missed on some opportunity or lesson. The style can be changed so that it can still be implemented. Some feel they are trapped and this is not the case.

Free will dictates many things that you do, many situations are still present because of the purpose of your lifetime, but many events take shape based on the decisions and actions and energy of the person living that life. It is important that if you are asking for the protection of another, for the healing of the earth, that you simply send that energy with your mind, with your thoughts, your works, you can send this same energy as you would send healing to any person, thing, object, or situation. Healing energy is not the only type of energy which is channeled by man. Know that each emotion is energy and each emotion, the energy within it, can be sent as you would healing energy through you to another being. Anything can be sent. The emotion, the action desired, the energy associated with it in its truest form and purest form can be channeled. It is important for all who will read this to know that you are not required to enter trance tin order to channel. Simply meditate on the energy and send it from you. All is a channel; most are channels for their own energy without being aware of it and therefore cause actions and reactions without being aware of their direct affect on their own lives. All can channel energy to others. All receive.

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