From 5/30/11

Do we always maintain our individuality no matter what form we are in or no matter how high we evolve and progress?

This form you are in now is a permanent form in terms of your true physical form. Your body that you are navigating this lifetime with is permanent self for this lifetime’s purpose. You will discard it You will return to this place, your true place of residence and be in your true form. There will be, at times, when your sense of individuality is not what you sense it to be. As you have understood, all things are energy, you are currently energy, you will always be energy, and energy is in all things. There will be no change from this. It is important to know that there is no separation of spirit or soul from what is presently one complete being to another. They often act as mirrors for our own acts and thoughts. We easily identify that which is present in ourselves. This is because we are all energy and we are all the same group of energy; it is not a problem to understand that inference once you return to your true home. Through your incarnations in the physical world you are inhabiting now, you will always retain a few of your true traits and some of those other traits and ways of thinking that were acquired in that lifetime. It is important to say now that you will not always be separate. You will not always be an individual, you will experience a grouping, you are an energy that will maintain that sense of energy and identity but there is not always a complete separation, there is a conglomeration of energy, a greater sum when these are all combined. There is information presently not known about this on your plane and there is a great deal that would only confuse and would not be readily understood. You will always maintain your right of the self, to be only that which you desire, you are never forced to sacrifice your own ideas or sense of self and or your purpose for that of another. All that is done is done so at your will. You will not feel a sense of loss. It is to give freely and become something greater that you are evolving. It is knowing on this lifetime that you are not separate individuals but all part of the same energy type and the same accessible knowledge spread across all spirits in this world. You are not unique in that sense, all may know what there is to know, many simply are not interested or choose not to know it or , because of the purpose of their lifetime her now, will not come to know it because of the other areas of development that will take place. It is important to know that there will be many times of coming back to this plane for many so that there is an understanding of human life and emotions and actions that are eternal, that is to say, they are universal by your standard, they are true no matter what place or time you reside. These things will be true no matter what motivates them in most situations. It is important to know these and to understand them but we cannot force an individual to learn them, we cannot twist an arm. It is only done through your action as you are ready to involve yourself. You are not scorned when it takes you more or less time to progress; there is no measuring rod of comparison to others. It is better to reach higher levels than to maintain the same level of living. You are not alone in this endeavor; you are not left to solve progression and development on your own. You have teachers, you have guides, you have them in your incarnation and you have them in your existence once you leave the physical body. It is up to the individual to make progress but that is only the individual that will do this. Higher is achievement but will only present more necessary work, so it is not as through there is a relief, some stopping point at which you may say, ‘now all my work is done.’ Though you should also consider that by work, we do not mean that which is labor intensive and earns you a meager wage, this is not working for another entity, this is true work and spiritual living on yourself, that which benefits all entities. Trying to say that there is no self beyond a certain point is not accurate, though there is some sensation of being part of a greater being, it is no different than how each being is related now, you only have the illusion of being separated and isolated by your physical exterior impressions. You are all one.

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