Weather control

From 6/1/11

What impact does the government’s altering of the weather have on the people and the environment that experience it?

There is no detriment to you personally, however, there is a harsh impact to the environment when it becomes super-heated or the deposition of foreign substances are inhaled by people, or are deposited into the environment. There is no clear need for this to happen. There is not a drawback to experiencing the process of the environment as it is designed to take place. There is no merit in altering weather for unnatural process involving the weather ever truly changes forms.

There is the constant flow of energy and changing it or adapting it forcefully to your desires can have catastrophic affects on the environment surrounding it. There is a need to study, further, the reasons for this and if it is to continue, the energy and chemicals used to provide this. So long as there is not an impact that negatively alters the balance of other areas, this is possible to be acceptable.

Creating suitable environments for food growth in starving areas can be acceptable, but remember, you are not dependent on these variables as you have established them. Should some level of government imbalance itself and stop these flights or methods, or society crumble, the environment will not sustain itself in this method. It is important to know that on a much grander scale.

There is much that can alter patterns globally by continued use of rain generating material. Weather cannot simply be directed upon an isolated area. It is important to know that no matter how direct you attempt to control it, these actions still spill into many other areas. Other areas may not need this outcome, no matter how fruitful it may appear to be. There is much that the natural processes of nature and the weather do to balance and regulate itself. It is not necessary for you, humankind, to alter the deserts to create farmland. The methods of farming should also be addressed, but creating that farmland in the Sahara, this is not always a positive outcome.

There are other methods and means. Also remember that what your desired quality of living may be, it may not be true for those who live in that region. There is no need to alter environments to the standards of those in other countries. It is helpful to give the tools and resources for fresh water and other basic necessities, but it is not necessary to mechanically change the process by which food is grown on a global scale.

Natural methods of all production of food and creating a suitable environment are best left untouched. It is important to maintain balance. There is no need for these alterations to take place. They are not benefiting your world on a global scale. Much of these actions are taken for global market and commercial reasons. Others are based on commercial reasons through military efforts, the ability to control resources and provide or negate security, etcetera.

The trails in the sky are not falling in your area to infiltrate you negatively. In other areas they are because this process is not thoroughly monitored and maintained in all regions as it is in others. Some of these alterations are for what appears to be for the greatest good of all. Occasionally bringing rain, but there are others where the greatest good is not in mind, and these only serve as demonstrations of the power and ability of these programs. There have been catastrophic weather events that were the direct result of testing such power or alterations, which has taken place that was not intended by their using the machine or chemicals.

It is important to know that no major shift in the earth and its surface or substructures will be changed or halted by the spraying of any chemical. No matter what damage has been done it will be righted. Nature will fix all once it is left alone without man’s interference or once the vibration is raised to such a level that immediate action is necessary.

Patience, this will all meet the minds of many and more will observe these truths rather than seeing them as actions and stories of the fringe minority who they view should not be trusted. These stories, the true accuracies, will be known by many.

In no way do I want to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about things that aren’t specifically mentioned in the material that is given to me, BUT “mechanically” is mentioned. Allegedly, there is a “machine” that many say is able to cause events such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Though the name is not mentioned is it possible that this reference in the above material is referring to “HAARP?”

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