Thoughts during development

During a development class, if the mind wanders to past events, or daydreaming, does that have an impact on the chemicals and/or energy my guides are manipulating during the class?

There is nothing that can’t be known by you. The energy that is manipulated during a development session is different than the process used during a communication or healing session. During those types of sessions your thoughts and the activity of the mind can have an impact, alter, or confuse the process. For those purposes it is important to have proper control of the mind through intentions and focusing on your task at hand. For development it aids in the development process for your mind to be free of distraction and that you are in an emotionally calm state. There is energy being delivered to you and manipulated within you but it is not highly dependent on distractions of the mind sso long as these thoughts and distractions and not charged to an extreme, or to a high end, with energy of any sort for you. The goal of any process, the development or implementation of it, should be based on proper meditation techniques. While these techniques will emphasize the actions of the mind it is important to know that the thoughts are not as large of a factor as is the energy activity, the measurable waves, as you are concerned about. It is the overall intention of the body that is important. There is a need to be in a relaxed state free from worry; it is not the intention to relay to you that you should forget all of your problems, simply understand that when it is tome fir your development or your use of any skills it is imperative that you be relaxed and free from distraction. If you are in n heightened emotional state it is possible for you to sit calmly and relax yourself prior to your development or practicing of ability but it is also worth serious consideration that any energy development or practical be avoided until such time that the mind and body are in a calm and balanced state. The goal is to have a clear mind, work on this. There are messages that can be relayed to you at all times. It is also possible to meditate only for mediating to learn to clear your mind; this will give a greater sense of who is giving the message to you, your mind, versus the message or image from your higher guiding entities. Knowing the ability and status of your mind and being aware or them is important for any energy talents. Clearing the mind of chatter is important but it is not altering the outcome of the process. As you harness your ability to clear your mind, you specifically will be able to engage in deeper stages of trance. You may entertain your mind while this event is taking place, but to experience it, to engage and enter into it, it is important to have a clear mind and clear intention. We can do much for this but your assistance in mind and thought are needed. It is the ability of those around you to have an impact on your environment that should also be considered before and after development or other communication or energy work. Not only is the state of your mind and body important but also those who are developing with you or, more importantly, those you wish to take on as the role of questioner so that you may contact your guide for answers and guidance for that specific person. No matter the type of question, it should not be asked in your presence if they are presently still traumatized by the heinous act. The question may pose a dire situation to you but so long as you and the questioner are in a balanced, calm, and relaxed state, there is much information that can be brought forward on their behalf through you. It is important to wait until such a time they are physically and mentally no altered to an extreme before questioning takes place in your immediate presence. Those asked via distance do not have an effect on you, the channel, but the questioner should still reserve any inquiry until they are in a state of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Sickness or imbalance is not a factor for the questioner, the one seeking advice or guidance, or a new perspective, it is the physical manifestation of emotions that we are referring to at this time. Many can become so overcome with trauma in the mind or of emotions that it becomes physically evident of their status. Keep in mind, no matter the situation, we will not pull back from your as your guides, there may be subtle hints or methods given so that you may redirect until a future time, but no matter the status, there is always a connection, we can see the gravity of the situation for some, it is merely a much improved connection or development process when all levels of the body are engaged in a positive state. Quietly keep in mind and ask that you receive the highest information available. Keep this in mind. It is important so that anyone who is present with you will not simply relay information as it is known to them, most will take the time and effort to inquire to higher sources of information, simply keep this in mind. This will not affect you greatly, only be aware of this.

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