Proving the existence of the Creator or God

Can the existence of the Supreme Creator or God be proven scientifically now or in the future?

Science, in the future, will prove many things. The existence of communication that exists beyond physical means will be proven; there will be many abilities that will be proven. The existence of the many dimensions that exist will be proven. The reason that these are not widely accepted now is because of the scientific methods to produce and measure them. There are many methods that do not allow for these subjects to exist. There are many methods that do not allow for these matters to be measured, there are no acceptable means to prove any form of communication or energy transfer beyond that of what physically can be measured at this time. There are not tools or measuring devices through this sort of ideology, that are currently in existence, that will produce accurate readings, or any readings of these occurrences. These things will be proven.

There will be many who arrive and speak on behalf of the creator but many will still interpret the information as they see fit for their present place on their spiritual journey in that specific lifetime. While the existence of a more unified and less structured spiritual guiding force, or religion, will emerge as the dominant force, there will still be many who restrict the creator to some specific ideas or form. It is not for man to decide and deliver that message of their definition of the creator to all; it is up to each man to decide what is acceptable for him or her at their present place in their evolution. Though coming to this knowledge will aid all, will aid the individual, this is progress.

There will be ideas surfacing in the scientific world that will lead others to the conclusion that there was not a random series of events that lead to the creation of the world or any other galaxy. The other life forms that will be encountered and discovered will shake many from the religions that have existed in the world for a great deal of time. They will not believe that their god had created these other life forms. Some will still believe but will view them as demonic while others will claim that their god has created these entities. This is a slow and trying process for many who are aware of this knowledge already at this time.

Remember, simply because they are unaware in their physical form, they do know and have some knowledge of this, no matter their evolution, once they return to their true existence. What is applied in this lifetime is aided by prior knowledge and the path set forth before your arrival, you can be of peace but have no knowledge of the creator, but a better understanding of achieving your goals will be aided by this knowledge. Nothing is gained by ignorance but nothing lost in some areas. Stagnation will set in if learning is not made your purpose, anyone’s purpose, but remaining the same often one does not lose ground, depending on the area being considered. It is to break free from control that is important. To see that the world is to be experienced, not experienced through the filter of what some specific group or entity expects you to believe or feel.

There will be scientific proof of other realms of existence and this will lead many, through the channeling of information, this proven method, and this will lead them to the existence, the true existence of the creator. Your ability to communicate beyond your physical means must be proven by ‘scientific methods’ first. There are those working in less acceptable areas of science that will eventually push this to the front.

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