Are accidents planned?

Are accidents something that are planned events or does free will play a part?

There is much adjustment that takes place in your life depending on your free will so that events that re planned may take place, that is, not the specific event in most cases, but the event that brings about the desired experience or goal that you planned to achieve and experience in this lifetime. There are many things that influence free will and influence events on your lifetime. There are many things that are planned, simply because they appeared accidental or inconsequential makes them no less important, though they might be. An accident can bring your attention to an area that you were neglecting, even in terms of thought though the accident may have some physical impact. There may also be implications for your emotions. It is important to adjust your thinking to understand that there are no negative actions. There are many things that unfold so that the desired plan, that which you were counseled and chosen to experience with your own desire, that these be accomplished. You may learn love, for example, through any number of experiences, so it is not dependent at all times that you meet a specific individual or care for an individual so that a bond is formed or any other part of love or caring be experienced. There are times when it is very dependent on the person because of their path and your and how they interrelate, but many goals and experiences will be brought about by the circumstances no matter how your free will has intertwined with your plan. It is of utmost importance to keep your mind open and clear and not worry on how the event has been formed but to understand that causal reasons, those important beyond the physical world, those that you will carry with you after your physical death. Examine these reasons, the motivations, and the areas being affected. These are what often determine growth or an area to review for some potential lesson or meaning after you have come through physical death. It is not necessary at all times to feel as though you experienced a specific incident and then reacted poorly to it, though you may not understand the process now you will understand, or you still may not, upon your exit from this physical world. Our reflection this situation and understanding the correct, or universal, response that may have been more positive is as useful as if it were your initial response. Typically, it is not known by you whether this also was the required response for the growth of yourself o r others involved , though all actions, should be considered and reviewed on terms of how you feel after, much later, after the incident. Were you better off because of your reaction to the accident or were you feeling as though you reacted negatively towards yourself or others involved – these are important if you are considering growth and evolution in your lifetime and beyond it. Please understand that it is important that all things know of lifetimes, there is much said to deter any thought or thinking regarding this and many are expressing themselves, their emotions, and reacting as if there is no life beyond that of physical death, that there is no impact, as if this is the only life. It is important to know that you have many attempts, if you chose to call them that, and many reviewing of an immediate previous life to examine and understand, there are also many things that may not be depending on this knowledge for you but to understand this it to remove one’s self from the hold and control and ill focus and motivations that many hold. Process information as you receive it, but is it never impossible to examine a chain of events or a situation when you are involved in them. When there is a pressing situation at hand you can learn to recognize the correct behavior. Many may call this listening to their inner voice or angel, but being developed enough to understand your own intuition or guidance is important. It should be noted that all should attempt to withdraw from all outside stimulation at least one solid hour per week, and there are many benefits to this being completed several times throughout one’s waking hours. Pleasing the self is not as important as developing the self. Waking hours are spent too often on that which causes the mind to be idle.

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